Myst 25th Anniversary Update

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erik_browne1989 Sep 18 @ 12:30am 
It won't let me finish the game. I enter the code and the glass refuses to break. Any idea on how to resolve this?:steamsad:
stella_frost Sep 17 @ 9:58am 
On the Kickstarter, it was mentioned you'd be updating them for Mac as well. When can we see those versions?
stopthecar Sep 15 @ 3:06am 
Thank you Cyan for this wonderfull update.
Now the game is running flawless.
Glitch Sep 14 @ 2:48am 
Tharotiger Sep 12 @ 11:13pm 
I have a small Bug Report for you!
At the Number learning Game, after Pulling the second time, the Game immidiatly crashes with this error:

Assertion failed!
File: ../backends/graphics/sufacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp,
Line 1478

Expression: h > 0 && y + h < = _videoMode.screen Height

Im running the Game on Windows 10.
I have tested this further. The English, Polish and Russian Version of the Game works just fine. The other languages causes the Game to crash at this point!
Lord Belmont Sep 12 @ 10:52pm 
Many thanks, lovely surprise :steamhappy:
Big. Sep 12 @ 2:02pm 
Holy cow ! Thanks guys.
Viasheslav Sep 12 @ 10:51am 
The best puzzle game in the world finally works perfectly ! Thanks to the whole team !