Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Update 5.0

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Jack_Sparrow95 Mar 19 @ 8:05am 
jesus christ
Vladi Mar 18 @ 12:44pm 
Nice now everyone is running with a shotgun and killing me from range which was impossible before.Good job you ♥♥♥♥♥еrs
COOTBETCTBEHHO Mar 17 @ 11:16am 
SpleshTankow Mar 17 @ 9:37am 
Good job
Horgie Mar 17 @ 12:31am 
just Disconnect´s... i can´t find any help about it. :steamsad:
Creeper Delta Mar 16 @ 5:00pm 
Love the new demonic AI, that thing can put in some serious work! Game keeps getting better and better, and glad that the game more stealth based.
ROG_Ghost_BC Mar 16 @ 2:49pm 
Please please please fix that f***** DISCONNECT problem!!!!!
[SHAVED]hu5a Mar 16 @ 1:25pm 
keep your good work, thanks!
Hank Scorpio Mar 15 @ 11:49pm 
Disconnected from Dedicated server.... EVERY SINGLE MATCH.... no matter what, five minutes playing.... Disconnected from the game AGAIN,, we are sorry your hunter is dead.... Never Happened with 4.2..... Disconnectiong problem started since 5.0 patch update...
NEONiCON Mar 15 @ 8:00am 
Hello Crytek.

For me (Shotgun Lover) i must say the shotgun- changes are a bit too drastic. Maybe a middlething of the old and the new balancing would be perfect. Or roll completely over to the old balancing.

The point of you guys was it to make the shotguns more like in real life.
But realistic isnt always good for games. Shotguns are now more like middle range which makes other guns more obsolete. I don´t know if this is the thing u wanted to be achieved.

Shotguns like the Romero surely have some more range. But when i killed with a rival, one shot, 10m distance.. it is kinda strange. I dont profit of the Romero´s range anymore.

Plus Camping is now more present than ever, +so much teams using shotguns only.
The variety of people using different weapons is more gone.

I think the changes were a "bit" -too- drastic.. you just feel it ingame.
As i said, a mix of old + new balancing would be better.

Thanks for reading.