PixARK Update 4/12 - Patch Notes

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QueenBee Jun 24 @ 4:00am 
love the game so far.Im sure you already have it to add and/or people have mentioned. Id love : Breeding, creature colors (and to keep it running smoother, maybe not all creatures can be many different colors, maybe just to decipher male and female, or level colors..blended colors like that of the dolphin is beautiful.Id love to see loads of new plant life that I can create farms with., more creature types from different times such as today's creatures would be amazing. I love collecting.maybe make it so you can keep your creature tamed in private servers or solos?. implement breeding or make the eggs that drop, fertile if you have both male and female. maybe make it a hit or miss for fertile..to make your luck better with it, keep special types of food in their inventory..maybe both parents inventory?... keep up the great work. I love it..also.I would love to request the tree-cat: Thylo-something. I forget. they are my absolute fav. but Im hoping I end up loving the ghost leopard
twigalucie Apr 26 @ 11:43pm 
great work so far. i love the game. but PLEASE fix the singleplayer and add the beacons to it!!
PanzerHundCZE Apr 26 @ 4:53am 
cchrud Apr 19 @ 1:55pm 
add becons to local PLZ
-Rengar In Bush- Apr 18 @ 7:08am 
pixark how much gb
Rinniieee Apr 17 @ 10:35am 
It would be nice if wind and other weather effects don't take effect inside a house and/or cave. Seems a bit odd that I'm standing in a deep mine that I dug only to be slowed down by a little wind. :p
Insho Apr 17 @ 8:59am 
Breading ?
ROCHA527 Apr 16 @ 11:29pm 
Crafting Quality on equipment will be a good add to the game. Primitive only crafting sucks.
Laurence Apr 16 @ 7:40pm 
I am playing in the windowed mode in ~1024x768 resolution for ease of web searching and discord with friends
When I open the map, I cannot see any legends/description about the biomes as well as the coordinates at the bottom part.

Is there a solution to fix the problem or I have to wait for an update in the future?

P.S. I can still place the marker on map by guessing from those -0.5, 1.0 from the X-Y axis on the map. Sad.
Mobear Apr 16 @ 7:20am 
Will you be adding buckets for farming plants?