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boanoitevermes 31 minutes ago 
@Caye, actually, Valva has a policy of making it's own conversion to other currencies. Long story short, the $100 is your $800 MXN so if they keep the fee on the $100 (and unless they review their conversion policy), you'll pay the same MXN 800.
Caye 50 minutes ago 
Welp, I'm a college student from Mexico and I've been designing and developing games in my spare times; my plan was to achieve a commercial level of quality and start publishing games on my own before graduating so I could start earning some money and at the same time build a portfolio.

I was about to buy the Steam Greenlight Access which costs $800 MXN (no idea about price on US dollars), and this was a fairly reasonable price I was willing to pay... But if you are saying that the minimum price I can expect with Steam Direct is $100 = $2000 MXN that is more than the double as with Greenlight; and that is the best case scenario, worst case I would have to pay $5,000 which is $100,000; there is no way I can pay that price because of how low acquisition power has become on Mexico, the devaluation of our currency on the last months and the low pay jobs and many other factors.
LoneDev 1 hour ago 
It has no sense that an indie developer needs to pay from 100$ to 5000$ to see his game on Steam and then watch Steam getting part of the earnings on every purchase of the game..

With this alternative to Steam Greenlight only big software houses will be able to afford the investment..
anthony-y 2 hours ago 
No games are going to get through Direct if people have to pay to see them on the store. That's what Kickstarter is for.
sSwordRequiem 2 hours ago 

A proposal

How about putting in the function of [cloud funding]?
The three things each should do and the merit is below.

Cloud funding for the game that exists in the world is pulled into steam.
It is possible to attract more attracting customers regarding games.

In the case of

----- User

Pay money to the producer through steam.
Instead, the user name appears in the game credit.

If you like a game you can make more investment.
We will have that much benefit.

By doing so, I will search for games more seriously than now. I will actively engage.

----- Game developers

If funds gather, you can make what you want to make.
If funds are not gathered, it can be judged as "a game not required". In the case of

Even if the investment in steam is $ 5000, even if funds can be collected, there is no problem

There are risks.
In the case of
That that the game is not completed ...

Up to here for this time.
BCEBOLOD 4 hours ago 
LawndaleLion 5 hours ago 
Feminazi: The Triggering just got onto the storefront.

Very cheap price? Check.
Cards? Check.
Memes? Check.
The community once again being armchair revolutionaries thinking SJWs give a shit about some game even they'll forget in a week, two tops? Check.

Exhibit A as to why Steam Direct will fail unless the trading card scam is dealt with. You can't keep letting this happen, Valve. What does this tell all the honest devs commenting on here?

You can grind away for a long time, years even, hinging everything on your labor of love to the point you're gonna be quite possibly SOL if it backfires


You can flip assets, tack on boobs and cards, appeal to the lowest common denominator, etc and live lavishly (

The answer's pretty obvious, don't you think?
boanoitevermes 6 hours ago 
I think they're backed by the whole 'i'm a well stablished dev' community as you can see by the gamasutra people. pretty pathetic.
Del_Duio 6 hours ago 
They might not have expected this almost universal backlash. You'd have to plan your next announcement pretty carefully I'd guess.
boanoitevermes 6 hours ago 
@K1R4D3L great points, pretty much like my opinion and many others here. sad is, looks like Valve's not caring that much on what we say here. 2+ weeks since they dropped the bomb here and not a single update. It would be great if we could know how's it's going because it feels like raising that damned fee is enough for them.