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Cat on Linux 2 minutes ago 
I agree about GOG. In the recent months they actively add new games, including cult classics like Diablo and Starcraft. Their store if clean from garbage and managing your downloads is simple. Sweet deals on sales as well. Often I can find games even cheaper on GOG than it would be for same game on Steam. Also their review system is better, you don't have to write an review if you don't feel like it, just rate game and that will count. Steam should give us same option, make reviews optional while keeping rating. Oh wait, that way they won't be able to declare review as off topic if there's no words to it. dang :)
🐉 Chesmu ☠ 2 hours ago 
And yes, GOG is the best option at the moment. :pirate:
🐉 Chesmu ☠ 2 hours ago 
@Stardust Filter, it's been always the same, even in the larger scales; Make an imaginary enemy, make people believe it, then do every ****** and justify yourself by: " I'm doing this do defeat that enemy."
Stardust Filter 4 hours ago 
They call it the "review bomb" and are going to fight it by censoring the overall rating ... :steamfacepalm:
Imagine the opinion of people who bought because of this a trash games about which the Steam library will not let them forget.
Some of them are already advertising the GOG here.
Not The FBI 5 hours ago 
Imagine censoring people's opinions because your game sucks
@Ghost of Bukowski
Gotta love how when you buy games on GOG, they're actually YOURS. You don't need their launcher to buy, install, and run games. By far, one of their best features is being able to download a purchased title's installation files from their website on ANY browser, and simply installing it on your computer without any sort of DRM or online restriction.

I've used GOG and GOG Galaxy a LOT more than Steam for the last 2 months, and it's great. GOG Connect is also a nice feature to have, and personally, GOG deserves the money I spend there.
Ghost of Bukowski 9 hours ago 
An increasingly amount of great indies are releasing on GOG. And GOG curates so you don't have to suffer through a flood of sewer garbage asset flips and more.
Stardust Filter 12 hours ago 
Team Syukino: "...small indie developers who are hurt by unjust, misleading and misinforming reviews..."

I would like to believe that this is the sole purpose of Steam, when it introducing censorship ...


Are there other sizes of developers in the world? Who will abuse it for profit?

Have you ever been able to find an adequate review on the game? Well, just belive me - they are exist and the motivation in their writing has diminished noticeably, because the votes of their authors must now be approved by invisible censors.
ShawnHopscotch 17 hours ago 
@Team Syukino If a developer (any developer) screws up, own up to it and grow from the experience. Bad reviews can easily be changed into good ones... if you put in the effort and make a good product. Learn the lesson of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. People spoke and the director listened. The movie will be fixed... and will be a blast.
ShawnHopscotch 17 hours ago 
@Team Syukino Look at Cryptic Studio's Neverwinter MMO. Yes, they are not a small Indie developer but they just released Mod 16 which has literally undone the last 6 years of all gamers' progress within the game itself, and literally rendered the game unplayable for even the most veteran of gamers. Consequently, established long-time gamers (including myself) are now leaving negative reviews: "Not Recommended". If you release a game that works... and then release an update years later to deliberately hamstring gamers to artificially make the game harder, that's not going to win you customer loyalty or new revenue. And simply ignoring those customers' objections will only trigger a much deserved Streisand-Effect review-bombing amounting to: "Not Recommended".