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Bakaiya 4 minutes ago 
I am disappointed in you. After spending a month defending Valve from Epic trolls, it is a personal insult that you decided pander to publishers.

I take for what it literally is: an announcement you intend to manipulate product reviews on Steam based upon subjective, non-specific, and non-transparent criteria. Why do you think anyone would trust review scores after this? You did not fix their credibility - you destroyed it.

We all know what this is about. Pandering to publishers to counter Epic's attempts to buy their way into the industry. It's sad. It won't work and all you actually had to do was wait out Epic's supply of Fortnite bux.

But no. You bent the knee to the people ruining our community and removed one of the last tools gamers have to voice their frustrations when companies take advantage of us. In the process, you obliterated Valve's credibility and Steam's primary selling point.

Shame on Steam. Shame on Valve. Shame on Gabe for allowing this.
Zulgaines 12 minutes ago 
It was only a matter of time before Steam sold the paying customer out of their own opinions, opinions are problematic to people trying to sell a product or influence minds.
Well, I've submitted my suggestion to feedback. Sadly, it seems trolls are showing up in it anyway.
Poison Dart Frag 23 minutes ago 
Instead of hiding by default, show separate scores for each kind of review, plus an aggregated score, and provide the option for the user to change the weights of the different categories.

Ignoring the scores of reviews that talk about bad DRM and EULA practices by default is anti-consumer. Those things do affect the enjoyment of a game, and therefore definitely should be counted for the total score by default.
Bad_Conduct 24 minutes ago 
If a company patches or modifies a game and the owners of that game don't like those changes, they should be able to review bomb it.
Just admit this is being done for political reasons, not practical ones.
Peekayboo 38 minutes ago 
If someone paid for a game their review should be counted and until you allow us to review dev's because knowing about what they're doing is important
Lord Squeak 39 minutes ago 
Booo! Valve.
There are plently of reasons for not buying a game, based on how a publisher / developer acts towards the community. this is not something you would normally mention in a review, however removing reviews mentioning these things is abusing the review system, making it worthless in the end.
By taking this course, you effectively made your review system pointless.
[DFS] DumbBeard 41 minutes ago 
Just scourged my entire wishlist. I have no reason to buy from you anymore. You're done.
Spider 41 minutes ago 
󰀀Chesmu󰀀 43 minutes ago 
Are you guys still here trying to change each other's minds? Go home.