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Behind the Scenes at the Summer Sale Grand Prix Races

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Sei4Gamers Jul 10 @ 3:59pm 
Ma quando si avranno i premi per chi sie classificato nei primi tre ???
喵喵喵 Jul 10 @ 4:21am 
DEFO.God Forgives i don't Jul 9 @ 12:04pm 
hey wsup
DESFAUX Jul 9 @ 11:06am 
s'il vous plait je pris pour avoir un jeu gratuit , je change souvent le premier de ma liste de souhaits car beaucoup de jeux me plairait
Mickmane Jul 9 @ 8:05am 
46h, Blitz_Blaster. 48h is 2x24 = 2 days, the race ended two days ago 19:00 my time, it's now 17:04 my time. 2h left, and no guarantee that any extra winner even looks here.

Others reported winning games, while the grand carcrash was still going on.
Blitz_Blaster Jul 9 @ 8:03am 
so no one did got the free games rights?
its already past 50 hours
legusor Jul 9 @ 6:04am 
опять какое-то поганое ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥алово с очками, топливным баком, правилами и никаких игр пролетариям.
spaceskeleton Jul 8 @ 10:38am 
So hare was 2nd and turtle was last, now turtle is 2nd? you change the results after announcing them? what a mess.

the only reward was the discount and it was too small for the money required to be spent. So this was all pretty much pointless, the sale on its own is ok enough

(and that dog looks creepy af)
Tr-3|Wendrex Jul 8 @ 5:33am 
[h1] :cleanseal:truth dear I was in the team corge was winning all ai sent a proposal to change team there I played for the team less favored calopsita, the championship does not acquire but nothing my wish list was to lie where democracy is in this my account I spend a lot no steam :cleancake:[/h1]
GreenBeret63Echo Jul 7 @ 7:41pm 
The steam summer sale "race" is nothing but a fraud that ONLY rewards the people who put the most into it. Meaning, money money money. And, if you have no money, you get mandatory denial of reward chance. That is my honest opinion, and I will not change it.