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Mike, just Mike. 22 hours ago 
If I must point out all your reasoning errors, I'd be stuck here for a while. What I say are not excuses, it is reasoning why I understand what they do, and you are as entitled to your own opinion as I am.

windows 7, 8 and 10 are relatively safe, if users do with those operating systems what they should and take care of them by updating when updates are available. the WannaCry ransomware made use of the vulnerabilities in the XP operating system.

looking at it from a legal perspective, if you know a certain OS is unsafe, and you still bring out your application for that operating system, you are at least a liability, and that is even more so if money is handled through it. (Steam funds is money for this purpose).

Looking at is from a business perspective, why would you invest money in a liability?
Mike, just Mike. 22 hours ago 
It is, according to their terms and agreements, the ones we all accepted, not stealing, since you/we never actually owned the games.

May I ask, what is the 'undouptably including at least a few poor orphans somewhere.' part for? This sounds like a false reasoning, creating empathy for a third party that was not involved in the discussion and giving them a voice that they may or may not share. (Or are you a poor orphan, because then you'd belong in that third party.)

I still agree with you, it sucks.
battlezoby Nov 17 @ 5:19am 
There are so many annoying things in your post, Mike, just Mike, that for now I'll stick to this:
You said "XP is no longer a safe OS..."; are you implying that XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 or any
other version of Microsoft Windows is or ever was "safe"?

You can make all the excuses you want, it's just not right that Steam is "stealing
back" games they sold to people, undouptably including at least a few poor
orphans somewhere.
Mike, just Mike. Nov 16 @ 5:32am 
The support for vista and XP being revoked is not that weird actually, XP isn't maintained by Microsoft anymore, and Vista has never been propperly maintained anyway. Language support is relatively simple to maintain one you've layed down the framework for it. Every update for steam needs to be checked for compatibility with all the current OS'es (win 10,8,7 and vista and XP for now) and that keeps on giving new work.

Besides that, XP is no longer a safe OS, and because of that, Steam can't guarentee the safety of their application and platform. (Privacy rules in the EU, and warenties and stuff) It sucks that they revoke the support, but I can't blame them at all.
battlezoby Nov 15 @ 10:05am 
So, ST-dirty bags as going to be intentionally turning off Vista and XP
so you can't play the games you already bought on those OS's. (Including
games that ONLY run on XP or Vista.)

But they're adding in Vietnamese support. Seriously, Vietnamese speakers
are a big enough market for Steam to address them, but they can't
write a few lines of code to keep Vista/XP games still running?

They're pretending theres some technical reason for turning off
XP and Vista, but they probably just want to force you to upgrade
so your old games won't work, and/or so you have a platform to
play their newer and more expensive games.

Ultimately, why do gifting changes matter if all the games are going
to shutoff anyways?

Someday you're going to be old, not want to upgrade from Windows-35
to Windows-40, but will still want to play the game you loved when you
where young. But they'll just get turned off unless you buy a new
$x-thousand machine!
PΛYИE Nov 14 @ 5:51pm 
Way to go, Valve. $3+ billion isn't enough for ~400 employees? You have to be more greedy, huh? I want to buy multiple copies of one of my favorite games while it's on sale so I can gift to any of my friends that might be interested in playing in the future. Now apparently I can't do that. I hope the EU nails you right to the wall for anti-competitive practices.
gamerfreak126 Nov 13 @ 1:43pm 
So this is the reason I can't save games in my inventory anymore... what the hell?! This was a horrible decision, almost as bad as the new UI. Guess I'll just hold onto the ones I already have like they're ♥♥♥♥ing gold.
kuwaitum Nov 10 @ 6:26am 
This is very disappointing, one of the joyful things I do is gift away games to my friends, especially co-op games. I don't see how the new rules "make it easier for you to share the games you love with friends" when I cannot gift away almost anything. If Steam is afraid of people who may exploit gifting system, put a monthly limit to the number of purchased copies of the same game. I hope this rule will be revised and the term (Large difference in pricing) means?.. for a game that's less than 10 USDs. I agree with user Suther; in the end Steam will have lower sales. Also, be transparent Steam.. as you show how many likes this thread has, show us how many Dislikes it got. Peace!
Suther Oct 29 @ 1:23pm 
F* You Steam for this change, can't gift my friends any games anymore, well less money for you I guess. #FeelsBadMan
(.)(.) Oct 29 @ 2:34am 
I wonder how many dislikes in this change? Which are hidden.