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PartyDave Sep 20 @ 12:08pm 
I wanna buy Black Ops: Rezzurection DLC, yet the price tag and the purchase button ain't there
I know it has been 7 years, but I really wanna play it, why is it weirdly blocked this way?
I can only buy the MAC version but I have windows
Grunok Sep 17 @ 1:05pm 
I think Im having a stroke. Are you really trying to screw the companies out of this much money? So many times have I wanted to give these companies my money during a sale, only to get "stockblocked" by Steam. Sorry developers, blame Steam/Valve for your loss of sales. Im not gonna buy multiple copies for me and my friends at full price, that's the whole point of lowering the price, to increase the number of sales, duh! So the developers are now gonna miss out on large quantities of purchases, not just from me, but from a large corner of the Steam community. You removed the feature and didn't provide a good reason, or ANY reason at all for doing so, you just slipped it into the conversation, which is pretty sketchy, like the reason was selfish and so you couldnt tell us because of that. There is no reason you cant still include your other cute features with it. If there is a good reason, please do tell us instead of brushing the subject under the rug before you introduce new features.
¤_¤Adam¤_¤ Sep 15 @ 3:55pm 
A game that I love to play went on sale recently. I was going to buy multiple copies of the game and whenever a friend said they didn't have it but wanted to play otherwise I would just send them a copy. This makes the process affordable because full price no one would want to buy the game unless they were really into it. This change no longer makes that possible and is honestly a bad decision. You can have a refund system for gifts without having to gut the gift to inventory system.
alaric3 Sep 6 @ 11:00pm 
Worst idea ever. I hope someone is fired for this. Then they get hired back only to be fired again for how bad of an idea this was. This makes me so angry. I've been trying to convince a friend to start a Steam account and was going to buy them a few games before hand. They don't have an account yet so I can't send the game now. This has been a standard practice for me for years. Steam has been going down hill steadily. Flooded with crappy unfinished games from anybody who throws together a program they call a game. Yeah, lets not manage content quality but let's make buying products from our store less convenient. I mean, it's not like other companies are jumping ship from selling on Steam because of bad management at Steam, oh wait, it is like that. It's like they hired a manager from Burger King who came in, decided they wanted to make their mark, and said "What's working? Let's change that."
^0Darkhold Sep 5 @ 12:04am 
It's not a large difference, i've had it refused over around 3 percent difference.
Well I used to buy multiple copies of a game I liked then hand them out as I felt to friends to play with. Now this new policy should keep my impulsive behavior in cheque. Thank's steam for yet again giving me another reason to use your service less.
dTTb Aug 16 @ 9:10am 
Only tested a few really, but RPG Maker games and some others I've seen so far launched without issues with Steam shut down.
Do realise that that's not the same as provably being DRM-free.

Having said that, here's a few informational curators that log if games start without steam:

A list of 26 games uploaded on a single day, seems done, explicitly for games allowing opening the exe without steam nor internet:

84 games, also remarks which work apart from online play:

90 games:

I admit it's not much, and I'm still fantasizing one day Steam will transform our entire library into drm-free versions just in case they go bust. Though I fear they'd rather do the opposite.
Disclaimer: free of noticeable drm is just that; not a guarantee devs aren't leaching/trojaning your system.
Richard Upton Pickman Aug 12 @ 5:31am 
Dark Messiah singleplayer was interesting as it is a source game but can be played without steam. I was amazed back when the physical copy managed to do that and confused that valve would let them do it.

If you want to be able to play games without a launcher gog seems to be the best choice at the moment though.
Jillas Aug 9 @ 10:57pm 
@battlezoby other than indie games, I know only 1 single AAA-title, that can be launched with Steam turned off - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt