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In regards to DRM.

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Lumin 54 minutes ago 
what? Should prolly read that again mate.
NiGHTSfan 56 minutes ago 
dude lumin the xbox is so much better than pc cause u get ea access and its only 5 dollars a month and u get alot of ea games for free and if u want to buy them u get a discount on the games and addons as well which is really nice and origin is total crap and u know it also i cant believe u buy ea titles on pc its really sad that ur blind
Lumin 1 hour ago 
now have to save up for a console... So which one that doesn't support EA or Sega? Hmm Maybe Microsoft wins again. PC it IS!

What a rollercoaster of a ride that was! Like S2 z2-2 theme. Or that corkscrew thing in S3 Z4 at least I think it was 4... Meh who cares.
A Blue Kidd 1 hour ago 
Sega obviously won't listen. If you don't want Denuvo go play on a console
NiGHTSfan 12 hours ago 
Yes it is better to play on a console also there's not much of a difference on playing games on a console or pc if u love to play videogames u should just shut up and enjoy it and stop trashing consoles
Torchii 15 hours ago 
Yeah Denuvo is anticonsumer, but playing on a console isn't any better really. Lets not get into that though.
NiGHTSfan 21 hours ago 
@Lumin most of the so called awesome games also come to the ps4 xbox one and the nintendo switch as well but most of these awesome games have the hoorible denuvo which all of thoes games with denuvo is a no buy from me which is why i have consoles theyre much better cause they have no denuvo just activation to play my digital games.
Lumin Jul 18 @ 4:46pm 
My appologies to everyone that indentifies as a robot with circular logic. I'd carefully suggest a nice warm salt bath to ease those joints. Hell, it works for me...
Lumin Jul 18 @ 4:43pm 
Hey anyone remember this one guy making a illegal rip of dynasty warriors into zelda...

or that one time a dude wanted a new sonic game so bad he MADE one...

wait? We're in the future now?

Shucks and here I thought WE were the illegals.

So lemme get this straight, a video game, using an essentially always ONLINE DRM
Wants to be OFFLINE, using Steam which is it's own... (Stay with me on this one!) Online DRM.

This is where we tell the malfunctioning robot with circular logic to kill itself.
Lumin Jul 18 @ 4:43pm 
Been eyeing the switch for a while, couldn't afford with all the awesome games on steam, what I don't understand is I've owned several versions of sonic. 6/7 were bought and paid for...

That one... was from a garage sale cause I thought I lost my old one... Nope, just in storage.

Currency, money, is a concept, more or less, It's value is only as much as we place on it... DRM basically says, we don't value anything but money. and I just recently learned that movie stupidos err I mean studios inflate their budgets to make more profits. Not sure if this is the same thing or not.