Towards A Better Artifact

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Я дотер??????!!! 12 hours ago 
да , сделайте ХС2 , тогда мы будем играть :D
Boby Happy Apr 18 @ 10:49pm 
a failure is never good for spirit.

But cheer up, I'm sure you will come back stronger than ever and I'm sure artifact will be very good next time.

I'm with you ! ^0^
Jbrady53 Apr 17 @ 4:23pm 
Lose the Mircotransactions and upgrade the base gameplay
Thirsty Barbas Apr 17 @ 11:57am 
Apart from the paywall, the game is boring, that's my biggest issue with the game. Even RngStone is better.
""" Apr 17 @ 2:18am 
пара_ша еба_ная Не когда у тебя не будет лучшего пути валве зажрались
anechoe Apr 16 @ 5:30pm 
Good luck. I bought the game when it came out and played for a little bit, but it really lacks ... as much feeling that I'm controlling my destiny as I'd like from a card game I guess? And having to pay after paying was really frustrating.

Mostly I think it was hard to wrap my head around the game initially, even coming from MTG and LOL, and with that it was just hard to stay invested in playing it when there are other, simpler options that are quicker and feel more rewarding to play and learn. But I like the general idea behind it and I think with some tweaking it could be really good! I hope you figure it out. <3
Shenkio Apr 16 @ 1:58pm 
I can tell you want is wrong with the game and why player interaction is low. Pay pay pay pay pay pay pay.
Elle64/ Apr 16 @ 12:46pm 
artifact non e' malvagio come gioco di carte anzi e' molto bello, se non ci fosse la parte p2w sarebbe stupendo,il mio consiglio e' di usare il metodo che usa herstone cioe' aggiungere oro e sfide con i vari campioni ovviamente mettendo la sfida giornaliera con diversi premi in palio tipo oro oppure una bustina gratis,comuq secondo me sistemando un po' il gioco e facendo i giusti bilanciamenti e come detto prima togliendo la parte p2w,diveterebbe un ottimo gioco di carte anche competitivo, un altro consiglio e' quello di sistemare si il gioco ma di rilanciarlo quando le modifiche e migliorie sono state apportate :)
I'm glad the steam community put their foot down instead of crying but still buying the garbage that for example EA shovels down their players throats
Dr. Kondraki Apr 15 @ 11:11am 
Что мертво умереть не может