theHunter™: Call of the Wild

theHunter™: Call of the Wild

Patch 1.20 - Geese, SXS Shotgun & more

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Roman Torchwick Jul 8 @ 11:19am 
Are there plans to add the Canadian geese to the Lake District? That would make sense, given that it's in North America...
lutze-backe Jun 21 @ 4:46pm 
ist mist 2/3 vom spiel nerven diese gänse
Vulcan7(Ares823) Jun 21 @ 1:12am 
can we hunt birds? cool :D
The Hylian (Jake) Jun 15 @ 4:02am 
How about you fix current problems before you try to make us buy more pieces of the game?
dj_chap Jun 14 @ 10:59am 
We need a Medved-Taiga bugfix-release please.
C. Black Jun 13 @ 2:11pm 
Love the game more and more
upbooklady Jun 13 @ 1:32pm 
Having a lot of problems with the New Geese add on. Everything from complete drop out of the game, geese freezing in flight, shooting geese three plus times and then they fly off, Decoys can't be put down. Hopefully there will be a patch to fix the problems. Great game but having the same problems on more than one computer with the geese add on.
Jin Jun 13 @ 11:39am 
Please consider making the geese way rarer/quieter as their constant screaming is making me want to tear my hair out. Thank you for adding them though.
Frosty097 Jun 13 @ 11:35am 
Yesterday I came back from work, bought the dlc without knowing what the dlc includes. I spent nearby 700 h the game, having fun, hunting, walking around and relaxing.
I pay for a dlc to support the devs. Thats my way to thank the devs for their work.

The way to thank me for my support is to not let me launch the game.
I re-installed and downloaded the game two times - i checked out for invalid files more than five times . . .

What else can I do to play the game i support and pay for? Thank you very much for wasting my time and taking my money, dear devs!

Maybe you have an answer for my Problems with launching the game . . .
Shwartzs Jun 13 @ 11:33am 
placing a tent is so stupid, Try it, see how ridiculous it looks to place a tent, I can't do it unless its out in opening. That is so dumb', with in bushes and trees it is just not possible. I just don't get out the graphics are so Epic and the programming for tents is CRAP