Developer Showcase #1 - Ivona (2D artist)

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metacrawler Mar 16 @ 5:44pm 
#$^eRYE%$&^#$A AWESOME!
Fers Mar 9 @ 5:14am 
SigF Mar 8 @ 8:21am 
Good reading! Thanks!
Da Nilla Reeyadi Mar 8 @ 7:59am 
can we have polls or something like that? I mean, i'd love to see the whole concept arts <3<3
Hatter Mar 8 @ 7:57am 
My name is Ivona....Ivona Humpalot. Sorry, I just think of Austin Powers whenever I see her name lol.
N O M Mar 8 @ 4:53am 
Ivona wow beatutiful mean you
smyrnyi.aleksei Mar 8 @ 2:29am 
For the future do you plan to put some Bots for single player?
ciglar20 Mar 8 @ 12:27am 
Ma šta vi radite 1 godino je igra vuni i još nemožemo da naredimo svoj server jeli ste vi normalni sredite servere
Mikfail Mar 7 @ 11:58pm 
Great artwork info & insight, thank you...though we really didn't need to know about her sexual attractions with men in uniforms,lol.