Patch Notes & SCUM comic #8

300 Rate up
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Revelayshuns May 8 @ 5:20pm 
holy hell im so excited about this update!
one suggestion though. can we get the zombies to be more responsive quicker? we did a "zombie run"{spawned in hundreds of zombies inside a base} and went to clear it out thinking it would be tough in tight corridors in bunkers but they just stood there and yelled. Made it too easy. And ive noticed a LOT of zombies clipping through walls and fences lately and even glitching through completely.
noodS May 8 @ 9:29am 
:good: single player game need add Ghost!:l_o_l:
Andy Pandy May 6 @ 11:21pm 
Devs, you are doing a great job for sure. But, please look at the weapon slots, at least give us some warning when picking something up inadvertently is going to remove our beloved AK47, or another prized weapon from its primary slot. We don't find out until later and it ruins this game when it takes forever to find anything decent, only to 'lose' it because I accidentally picked up a f****ing baseball bat!
^FuN^ DreeMax May 6 @ 10:19am 
Уважаемый Mwgilbert! Спасибо за тёплые слова и поддержку! О поведении зомби под водой известно с самого выхода игры в ранний доступ. На данный момент, всё ещё много задач и планов, которые имеют больший приоритет. Но не переживайте, до физики мобов в воде обязательно доберутся!
Stiglitz May 6 @ 9:53am 
and why do no Guns spawn in 'Gun Crates' - only mags & scopes? used to get guns but now very rare...... i have loot turned up to 100,000 on my server - and still no Guns spawning in 'Gun crates or boxes' Silly!
mwgilbert May 6 @ 9:19am 
Знаю, что русский язык вам знаком, дорогая команда разработчиков игры. Уже почти год, как я купил эту игру, уж очень она мне понравилась, а зомби у вас как бегали под водой так и бегают в то время, когда вы добавляете новые локации и квадроциклы. Да, это всё безусловно хорошо, но, пожалуйста, доведите до ума уже существующее и очень бросающееся в глаза вещи. Вы для меня команда перфекционистов и продукт ваш может быть идеален. Спасибо!
toomanynights May 6 @ 6:03am 
2.0 May 6 @ 4:59am 
if u care to know where i experience the most fps drop is when there is more than 3 people within 200m of you and it gets exponentially worse the more people in that space.
I have no trouble running through Naval base which is locked down and full of dozens of crates filled with loot + the normal containers, mechs and puppets and yet minimal lag, the moment people start entering Naval its lag-fest. this isn't restricted to Naval base it's uniform all over the map.
I have fiber internet and an average PC and as long as there's only two other people around there isn't a problem any more than that and it starts becoming a pay to win game with people that have the best hardware win because my frames crash (even people with high end graphic cards have the same problem) resulting in a 3-4 second rubber band resulting in death normally as my fps will dive from a playable 40-50 frames down to 4-8 & the moment you move away from players it smooths out again.
疫变自爆仓鼠 May 6 @ 4:03am 
Please add some diving equipment and underwater weapons, adding some sharks and edible fish, that would encourage us to explore more underwater environment.
LevaOpaki  [developer] May 6 @ 2:41am 
@2.0: We will investigate where the problem is and fix it. Stay tuned for fixes.