SCUM - Patch & SCUM Comic #19

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Leonardo Nascimento Aug 14 @ 1:40pm 
good job
gomesgonzalo Aug 8 @ 10:37am 
1st in Latino servers. They are all from Brazil.
2nd in single player mode, activity is missing. Very repetitive all, 10 zombies and 4 robots per base.
30 cities Very casual loots.
little variety of animals or little appear
3rd NPC's for that mode would be a form of entertainment with more looting variants, better and different challenges
and practices for better entry to multiplayer.
some ideas to catch more active players and future players. Thank you
sorry for my tolerant english
FaraGameplays Aug 6 @ 1:14pm 
People are modifying game files, removing grass, bushes so that they can have a clearer view of the fields!

Could block these files or have a file integrity check?

For those who have made modifications to the game files get banned!
^FuN^ DreeMax Aug 6 @ 9:17am 
SymbioteKarnage you should subscribe to Developers Daily Diary (and check 8/3/19 note).
SymbioteVenom0 Aug 6 @ 8:57am 
So I'm not seeing any answer throughout the entire feed of comments one whether or not the godmode command is available in singleplayer. I've also combed through the entirety of all game files and don't see an admin list so I'm not sure if there is anywhere to write in there if so please share
Why do i have to download 9 gigs per update? i've already reinstalled the game 3 times but still when ever an update comes out even if it is 1 MB after 1MB i need to download the 9 gig of data each time , what the freak?
Vindanea Aug 5 @ 6:27pm 
Thank you for not actually breaking your game this week.
I second MoldyPork's comment - cooking pots should be reusable.
Add seasoning recipes for steaks; no experience for cooking steaks.
Lights for vehicles, because science.
Thanks for the tights, please add capes. Could occupy backpack slot.
Did anyone ever think to add toilet paper to the game? I feel bad using a diary.
Lastly, notes. It'd be nice to leave a note on a piece of paper.
Ithax Aug 5 @ 12:08pm 
Merlin Aug 5 @ 12:04pm 
Great, now everyone can run around doing the same crap for 20 hours with tights on nobody asked for.
Kim Jong-un Aug 5 @ 9:43am 
so you gave us tights but no camel toe with them?!
Thats a shame.
i tryed to take of my pants and than the tights and there is still no camel toe visible!
im dissapointed by the tights, cuz i cant find the leopard ones nowhere on the map!