ROKH Development Status - New Milestone Achieved

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theshockcable Mar 10 @ 2:10pm 
JANUARY 26... 2 months later... Nothing of updates. I'll wait till this one goes on sale.
Beaker86 Feb 21 @ 5:02am 
Nothing to share as yet, news updates have been about once a month so hopefully in the next week or so Darewise will have something to share
RETRO Feb 21 @ 4:15am 
Any news on the games direction or a new update patch for this title? It would be a good idea to put Rokh on sale to generate revenue and new players.
Beaker86 Feb 3 @ 7:40am 
Hey @drbockel
There should be instructions in the reply of where to put the code. Once it is accepted make sure you select 'develop' from the drop down and it should auto update.
drbockel Feb 3 @ 5:26am 
Hi Beaker86,

so I sent an email to to get the beta code. Ill put it in steam in the requested field then rigtht ?
Beaker86 Feb 2 @ 2:22pm 
There is no 'single player' as such but you can set up a server to run on your local machine and get a single player experience.
Nerd Crusher CRUSHER Feb 2 @ 2:21pm 
Single Player??
ISAAC Feb 1 @ 11:25am 
everything is awesome , except Doors ! it doesnt look like space door !
anyway , i love this concept and crafting system <3 having the pressurized chamber on the mars ?! wow i love it !:steamhappy:
Garath Jan 29 @ 6:12pm 
To any one who played the game and left but are thinking of coming back, the game is VASTLY improved over the old build, from mining to building to sability. Red kite games have done a fantastic job of cleaning up the mess that was ROKH, trust me you will be pleasently surprised by the changes.
_C__O__L__T_ Jan 27 @ 10:47am 
thx bro ;-)