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TigersFangs Feb 25 @ 1:27pm 
Give us a reason to be in iron space. Give us something to build up for. We spend an hour tops in iron/titanium space and then move on. There is no money or progress there. Many of the bulletin board fetch missions can't be completed because of commotity rarity. And if we are going to be bothered with stations, we are not going to grind the cash in iron space without a fleet. Which means that we are headed to naonite/trinium space for better components, upgrades, trading, and salvage.

You guys have made incredible progress with this game. It has come SO far! But with you wanting to push fleets to more mid-late game, I am more concerned with early game than I have been in the past. Maybe while you guys are figuring out a balanced approach to pushing fleets to mid game, perhaps you could give early game and iron/titanium regions a little love and make them worth our time. It just seems like half of the galaxy is a waste if I don't have a reason to spend time in it.

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TigersFangs Feb 25 @ 1:22pm 
I'll admit, that was a little bit of a rant. I have almost 500 hours in this game, playing both solo and multiplayer. I've beat the main story several times. And honestly, one of my big issues is that my friends and I rush to naonite/trinium space. We have little to no use for iron/titanium space because there is nothing there unless we want to spend endless hours exploring. You say that you want early game players to focus on their first ship, but veterans will already have most or all of their ship progression planned out and blueprinted.

I will admit that I am one of those players that starts off building fleets. Thankfully you have fixed the shipyard crew/captain bug, but I can still have a small fleet of miners up and running within an hour. Then I either build myself a cargo or combat ship and begin either trading(if I have found trade upgrades) or dealing with hostiles. Mind you, this is solo. On a server with friends it is even faster.

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TigersFangs Feb 25 @ 1:18pm 
So here is a question that has been burning on my mind for a bit now, what exactly do you see happening early game? Do you expect us to build up in iron space? With limited access to components and equipment? I love the tier system, but what good is iron space? Titanium at least has the benefits of lighter weight and some additional components. And if you want people to spend time working on their ships in iron space...why not start farther towards the edge?

And another thing, while I do like the AI changes for movement as it DOES make combat way more interesting; how do you propose for a starting solo player with no fleet to explore deep sectors? When you can jump into a sector with over two dozen pirates? And, oh yeah, you are in the middle of them?

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Landrust Feb 25 @ 7:06am 
Hello, and where to send your suggestions to improve the game?
Xskyth Feb 22 @ 5:11pm 
Koonschi, why not just limit the number of captain that each player can have at once? maybe it can be expanded with upgrades that can only be installed on stations? that way you get that early game limit, but can be expanded later. One person can only command so many people at once (early game limit), without a command structure and people behind the scenes helping to coordinate (upgrades to command limit with station upgrades).
SparkyFlufficus Feb 22 @ 3:00pm 
If your goal is to make fleets a mid-late game thing, why not just make captains only purchaseable at stations that are close enough to the center of the galaxy? Perhaps around where Naonite or Trinium starts appearing?
Celestine Feb 22 @ 2:31pm 
Dear Koonschi , I have many steam games, and never got any problem with vac ban status checking. Only in avorion. I dont got any ban, it is status checking. I cant play more than 10 min or cannot enter to a friend server. If i cannot play multiplayer, pls refund the game. I not bought it to ONLY play at singleplayer. It is a 2 years bug which only appear in avorion....so saying it is steam problem is really....disappointing. From a sad gamer...
CTAHHEP Feb 22 @ 9:11am 
Hello, Koonschi, please add the ability to adjust the frequency of pirate attacks, as well as the distance between asteroids and stations when generating a new world! It is very necessary!
GraYaSDF Feb 22 @ 8:21am 
Hey, Koonschi, I sent an e-mail to Avorion mailbox. Can you read it? Thanks. I have few ideas about how to solve the puzzle with captains. I am also a C++ programmer, at the moment working on custom code for C&C Renegade, and I still like your game that you did with your teammates together.
lucida Feb 22 @ 7:37am