First Update

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烤鸭沾番茄酱 Jul 18 @ 7:21am 
Bo0m5l4ng Jul 17 @ 10:22pm 
Fix loading times on CPU's with more than 4 threads...
Knavenformed Jul 17 @ 2:19pm 
Can you please add an option to remove mouse flick targetting also?
The scrollwheel target is nice, I like it, but having a high DPI mouse with a little moving room makes the targetting sytem hell. Even a slight flicker of my arm makes the target reticle change.

Also fighting more than one vampire enemy at a time is pure hell because, if I'm lucky I can focus on one of them for atleast 5 seconds at a time.
BloodMist Jul 16 @ 11:54am 
Wow, a bug fixing patch that was actually released rather quickly. Such a rare occurrence, excellent work.
CARTMAN_021p Jul 15 @ 2:00pm 
Great game. Hoping for a sequal. Finished the story last week and loved it. Great athmosfear and different people in London. :47_thumb_up:
berton83 Jul 10 @ 3:49pm 
unlock fps would be great
Shrek 2 Kbça Jul 10 @ 2:59pm 
doesnt seem to be worth 6gb download, little changes
Hemuli Jul 10 @ 10:33am 
Love this game with my gamepad <3
maxmoore668 Jul 10 @ 4:49am 
the xp cheat isnt working thats what made the game fun
Twi-Chan Jul 8 @ 5:10pm 
I'm with gionidous, it's terrible to fight against more than 1 enemy, because the target switch ramdomly, if a target cames more near than your first target. Thats makes me so angry, when I will finish 1 enemy and before I can do my last hit, John turns around to hit another enemy and than the first enemy is hiting him in the back and often he dies like this way because jumping away doesn't work because auf the target change, too. °(o.ó)°