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Flight Sim World Enters Phase 2 Of Development

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ManixuLGaming Feb 3 @ 7:16am 
Hey, what about Gliders? Will they be added one day inclusive thermal lift? :)
gspectre Jan 28 @ 5:41pm 
To your fare statement: "Maybe its just me, but it seems silly to leave early access and go to a phase 2 with it not being done. If its not done then it should still be in early access."

That you will need to ask them. I'm also not clear on the reason for another Phase name but at least the updaets will be larger in Phase 2 (according to DTG).
[PwrUp]AthlonDude Jan 28 @ 5:16pm 
@gspectre Ok thats fine but again If its not done, why did it leave early access? Every other game I have ever had that was in early access was considered done when it left early access. Sure they might have had updates, or added additional content, but the game at the core was considered done. As far as links to all this other information that is suppose to be out there, if its true, why did they not put it here? Dont you think this would be the best and most obvious place to find such information? Maybe its just me, but it seems silly to leave early access and go to a phase 2 with it not being done. If its not done then it should still be in early access.
gspectre Jan 28 @ 4:58pm 
@AthlonDude: You really do have thin skin.
FSW left "Early Access" and entered what they call “Phase 2” on Jan 18, 2018. This is no more of a secret than them saying publicly that they are going to release more aircraft FREE. Since you don't want me teaching you, you are free to find the links yourself, they are not hard to find.

There is nothing wrong with comparing FSX to FSW. Many do and many will continue to do. The issue is when you compare FSX on release with a product that is NOT finished makes no sense. Would you compare a finished house with all the add-ons with a house still in construction? That is what you are doing. Using the finished house as a guide to how to make your house better is fine and I believe that is just what DTG is doing with FSX.

Side note, being ignorant isn't a bad thing, it just means there's something you don't know. You are now less ignorant. You're welcome ;)
[PwrUp]AthlonDude Jan 28 @ 4:25pm 
@gspectre it is not pointless to compare this to FSX. Again, Microsoft approached DTG and entrusted them to make the next Flight Sim. Why wouldnt I compare them? Ganted FSX was buggy as hell on launch but it still had far more features and aircraft than FSW does now. As far as my statement is concerned I made that statement when FSW was in Early Access, and its not now. IF FSW is not a finished Product, then why did it leave early access, and IF FSW is a finished Poduct, then why isnt it better? A fair question I think.
[PwrUp]AthlonDude Jan 28 @ 4:19pm 
@gspectre If its not a full release yet, then why did they take it out of early access? Thats like saying its done but its not done. That is confusing, and makes no sense.
[PwrUp]AthlonDude Jan 28 @ 4:17pm 
@gspectre For someone who has no interest in mocking or belittling me, you sure do communicate with an arrogant and condescending tone. I'm ignorant? Your gonna educate me? How very pompus! If DTG has made it clear that the current fleet of aircraft will be increased at no cost to the consumer then where is it in writing? Dont get me wrong, I understand there will be optional aircraft to buy, but I would think that there would be a better selection of aicraft than what the current offering is.
[PwrUp]AthlonDude Jan 28 @ 4:12pm 
@gspectre Telling a company that I am not impessed with their product is not a demand, its a statement of fact. I never said "you better do this or else!" or "I demand free stuff or I am walking." I simply told them what others have told them as well, thats all. How am I suppose to help the dev improve their product if I dont tell them what I think of it? Mental Telepathy? And I should be able to do that here without fear of reprisal from people like you.
gspectre Jan 28 @ 12:50pm 
As you once said: “One thing that folks need to remember is that this is early access, its not the finished product so its not fair to judge it as one. ”
gspectre Jan 28 @ 12:42pm 
Comparing FSW to the launch of FSX is really kind of pointless. Even though FSW just came out of Early Access, it really has NOT been launched yet. It's been released to get people to basically beta test it as it's still being developed.

The DTG staff has made it very clear that they will be adding new Aircraft types for FREE. There is a Business Jet about ready for release and talk of an Airliner. As I had stated in a post, a while ago, it would make no sense to not add at least 1 of each class of aircraft so people would know that those types can be flown and created.

As for your performance issue, FSW is not even close to its final optimization. That will happen when they are ready to remove any Test and Tracking coding they have and ready to call it ready for launch. None of your gripes are perfectly reasonable., They show signs of inpatients and a touch of intolerance.