Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Hardcore Mode & Patch 1.6 NOW Available for Download

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Steven Nov 1 @ 9:11am 
be nice if they add a medivile compass sense they where widly used in the 15th centry for navigation of merchants and armys.

our local milwaukee musem even shows cases quit few 15th centry and 14th centry compasses of that time period that was used.
Challak Jul 21 @ 11:15am 
Love the new features. And kudos for taking several different approaches to hardcore options. Innovative stuff, as always!
YuMMz Jul 5 @ 1:44pm 
@Bob_Evans1 - Uh, those HUGE DLC you are talking about were paid DLC, not patches. Also, pretty sure Witcher 3 has "haircut patches" as well. Bethesda also had the Horse Armor "DLC" and Hearthfire, which were not really that large. There is nothing wrong with a difficulty patch, and it's only been a month or so since 1.5 which was a huge patch. I think your expectations a bit unrealistic. Finally, I personally find the hardcore mode quite interesting, and the negative perks a nice addition - far more than merely adding armor or weapons...
Strigon Jun 30 @ 12:04pm 
And a comparison for thought take a look at no mans sky. Hello Games had no choice but to release it or go bankrupt as a company because they ran out of money and now the game is slowly become what they intended to be but very slowly because they are small team and they do not have a lot of resources. Too many people see maliciousness in everything and to developers and me alike its fustrating as people demonize developers and companies for issues in a game that they seem to think exists for a malicious reason when it is not.
Strigon Jun 30 @ 12:01pm 
@HaddockA He's not wrong. Compared to Bethesda they are pretty small. You must not forget the small budget of the game. That can significantly affect how the game comes out.
Mama's Boy Jun 28 @ 2:22pm 
I'm very excited about the hardcore mode, but I think fighting could become pretty random because the stance indicator is gone.... I would actually prefer disabling block indicators but KEEPING the stance indicator... otherwise choosing the right sword position is so awkward and it really pisses me off. I think the best possible option would be to give players the OPTION to turn various hardcore mode stuff on and off. I love negative perks. I love missing fast travel and player marker. But I would LIKE to have stance indicator and ... TUTORIALS. because I'm very good at forgetting the basics of the game.
Maciosz Jun 28 @ 8:30am 
why so big patch, 4,6GB ?
HaddockA Jun 28 @ 1:06am 
@Alex ...who wrote: "This game is made by a smaller company everything will come just wait".

They might be smaller than the really big boys, but the fact remains that they have 120 employees according to their Linkedin page (Warhorse Studios added that info and nobody else).

The point I'm trying to make is that people need to stop coming up with that lame excuse that they're small (cearly not) every time someone has complaints about the game.
Arthur Jun 27 @ 10:45pm 
So... biggest issue I have is that my padded armor is clipping through all my other armor. I play with a mod to make the game harder in a way a lot like this hardcore mod, maybe I'll try it later. Thanks for the update, though I'm still hoping everything gets more interesting. I would love to see more gear to gather. (kind of an equipment hoarder)
Bonestorm Jun 27 @ 5:08pm 
First of all I have to say this is the best game I have played for years! Big thanks to the team of Warhorse! I love to level up all skills and I spend hours in picking up plants and herbs. It seems that with an increased skill you are actually able to pick addititional different plants. However I got to level 19 Herbalist but there are still plants out there I can't pick but I am sure they are out there for me to find. Is this supposed to be this way? If not this might be a good addition to patch 1.7. Thanks