Update 0.74.0 - New Warden sets, skills, fixes, and more!

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Squarebit  [developer] Feb 27, 2018 @ 5:20am 
Additional language support such as Chinese will only be possible AFTER the game is done - so sit tight for more news on that.
盛于繁花 Feb 27, 2018 @ 5:19am 
still need chinese:steamsad:
Squarebit  [developer] Feb 27, 2018 @ 2:04am 
Exactly - it's not clarified (my bad, I thought it did) but effects like those only affect direct damage. This is one of the many reasons all passives are being changed to deal damage based off the damage dealt, rather than having their own "hard" values, as that would take things like Misery into account. So there's nothing broken per se, just bad interaction and clarification. As of the Warlock update (0.75.0) it'll function as you'd expect :)
Mrgh' Feb 27, 2018 @ 1:39am 
No it's not, i pop my Cloac of infection, aka my DOT and then when i debuff enemys they don't take 15% increased damage from the infection, Same goes with other effects that states that monsters take increased damage.

aka i do 859k each tic, debuff the enemy, the dot still does 859k Dot damage in this game doesn't count as damage apparantly o.O
Squarebit  [developer] Feb 26, 2018 @ 11:46pm 
Misery is working as intended
Mrgh' Feb 26, 2018 @ 8:41pm 
dots in warlock still doesn't scale from the debuffs the warlock has, spesificly Misery, i'm not playing until damage calculations like these are working,
Squarebit  [developer] Feb 26, 2018 @ 4:48am 
Yeah something like that will likely be a thing!

@free range cactus
None, there are no online modes planned.

240p is enough Feb 26, 2018 @ 12:48am 
any ETA on online CO-OP?
orion_nebula Feb 24, 2018 @ 4:32pm 
Thanks for the update, and awesome game!

Any chance there will be an 'Armoury' where you can respec into different builds?
Squarebit  [developer] Feb 24, 2018 @ 3:57am 
Thanks guys!

Definitely possible! But may have to be late in the development / after release because I apparently have to own a mac to do that (expensive!)