Update 0.6.5 live!

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WorseDoughnut May 6 @ 8:22am 
I can't exit a vehicle without it flipping over, how's that for a good base lmao
Destroyator May 3 @ 9:13am 
@ Talon : I fully agree !
Talon May 1 @ 4:29pm 
Every time I see one of these updates and it talks about vehicle improvement, I roll my eyes. And sure enough, I'm rolling my eyes again. And I'm uninstalling. Again. I finally got to the point where I could make a vehicle in a new test, and every time I exit the vehicle, it launches. It's about as unstable as I've seen so far, although not quite as bad as when you hit a rock and your vehicle would launch into orbit.

I keep trying, though, because I really do like the game. I kinda miss the old researching, but the new stuff is growing on me now. However, if I hadn't played it the old way, I'd have a really hard time figuring out what to research next.
Grandpa Apr 25 @ 12:05pm 
pls make it more easer to play with friends
Zarinthal Apr 18 @ 2:27pm 
I love mobile bases BUT THE BIG FUN ONES ALWAYS SINK INTO THE GROUND!!! So sad, usually just the back car, though it's still buried and verticle. Sometimes they sink again before I can dig them out as I'm digging it out. It ups the challenge factor, which has its fun moments, but can be frustrating and leads to other glitches.

My craziest is 4 large rovers, #1 power and storage #2 smelter and med printer, #3 fuel condenser and medium fabricator, #4 mineral and vehicle bay (VB at the back so ships will land behind caravan instead of on it lol voice of experience)

So basically no matter what hapens, you can always just build a small ship and head back to base! It's neat but it it keeeeep siiinking, please help! If I'm simply "flying too close to the sun" then I totally understand, but sometimes it even happens with small rover chains of 3. Please say tell me there's a solution! I love this game, almost 400 hours, but the mobile base is my favorite part right now.
To-mos Apr 17 @ 9:14am 
You can do anything you want, the source code is readily available and it would be possible to do this with enough time and resources. Before GPU acceleration, games commonly had a software render option, which did all the rendering on the CPU. iRay and v-Ray have the ability to do a hybrid render where they split the shader calls over both CPU and GPU. Since they don't have to deal with engine loops it works out in that scenario.
Games today use a shader heavy pipeline so there is no way to render all that on a CPU, it would kill your machine to a level that would prevent it from even using the main menu. The main reason for this is GPU's are parallel processors while CPU's are serial based. The Hybrid render system could be a solution but would require a complete overhaul of the monolithic code that runs UE4's render pipeline, It's impractical, but not impossible.
I would recommend getting the EXP GDC external pci-e bay. This would let you use a GPU on your laptop externally.
Wyvyrias Apr 14 @ 4:15pm 
That's not how games work at all.
You can't just make a mode that'll shift the performance onto either GPU or CPU, you can only lower the load of the bottleneck. Some things are simply GPU bound, and some are GPU bound. This can't be changed, even if you did, the performance would become at least twice (or more) as bad, since CPU's cannot handle the load that GPU's handle.

Also remember that it does not matter how well another game may run: Astroneer is Early Access and still Alpha. Also different games have different requirements to begin with.
Random Person Apr 14 @ 11:44am 
What @Reva said. My GPU can barely run minecraft, I think
Queblo Apr 14 @ 11:35am 
@Reva great idea. Pls admin!

you guys do nice jobs
Reva Apr 13 @ 10:13am 
I have a suggestion for us gamers without overly powerful GPUs. Can we have a more CPU intensive mode that takes the stress off our GPU and weighs on the CPU instead? Like my rig for example I am in the process of building it (project PC) and I do not have the money for the graphics card that I need to finish it so I have 32gb of ram with a maximum safely overclocked Intel i7 4790k. I can play Dying Light easily enough because it is a CPU intensive game not a GPU intensive game. I can also play SAO Fatal Bullet fairly easily too while still hitting 60FPS (my TVs refresh rate) so if you could add in a CPU intensive mode for people without beefy GPUs but powerful CPUs that would be awesome! Oh and PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE SETTINGS NOT SAVING!!!