ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Updated TLC Dossiers & Mod Workshop #1!

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ZUMBI May 15 @ 3:29pm 
What's up guys, how's it going? I came here to invite you to play on ARK server !!! take a look at the settings and play. this is the server link:
Roberto Turati Apr 1 @ 8:28am 
This TLC came only partially to me: the trike still has its old model and doesn't have its new features. It only walks likeits new model.

The argentavis has its new model, but has only the basic claw attack. Besides, its saddle is invisible and isn't a smithy.

For the rest, the updated dinos are perfect. Does anyone here know how could I "rescue" the missing features?
junior21game Mar 31 @ 12:08pm 
NIWONIXDA Mar 27 @ 12:40pm 
ich hasse alles
titanio2 Mar 25 @ 6:52am 
muy bueno...
rk85 Mar 24 @ 12:52pm 
I heard when you tamed a new argy you have to pay 10 dollar instantly or you loose it right away, can anyone confirm this?
lineber Mar 23 @ 5:47am 
I play on Linux and the game is great, keep up the great job. :steamhappy:
chad13172 Mar 22 @ 3:08pm 
when is the workshop going to be updated so that modders can fix stuff that TLC#2 broke
BlackLaser Mar 21 @ 3:49pm 
Dear Ark Team... since this update (which was again way to big to be downloaded regularly... had to deinstall and reinstall ark) my game crashed 5 times and lags a whole bunch more than it did previously... also please fix some of the dumbest glitches first before tinkering on perfektly fine models like the argentavis one... now I can paint em all again cause nothing is where it was before...
most important glitches/bug/bad Programming decisions I found:
- Tamed Dinos should be pushable by the Player
- Megalodons can still glitch out on shores
- whistle does not work sometimes for no reason until you delete everything out of your taming group
- and Loot boxes STILL glitch out on landing sometimes...
the last issue does not even have to be resolved completely!!!... just make them accessable after a certain amout of time even if they didn`t land correctly...
I am pretty sure that this would just be ONE easy command line to do...
sincerely a faithful gamer
Neario Mar 21 @ 10:46am 
@ladybuggles13 apparently you dont know any actual gamers.. I love the idea of Ark, I love the vision they had... the execution however not so much. I have Ark since EA day 1. As with many EA games I dont like (yet) I follow the development. Trying it out at different times.

So no.. when actual true gamers complain about bugs, its not a valid reply to say: " Apparently you play, else you did not notice the bugs".
Besides, seeing the same bugs resurface, or those who've never been fixed, is something that is bad on so many levels.

For me its simple, as advice to devs: "dont try ♥♥♥♥ you cant do, or dont understand. And for the love of god, dont put out paid DLC when your game isnt out of EA yet"(albeit, thats some time ago, but still).
Still following the game, just deinstalled it again though, hoping they will actually get it right at some point