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We Happy Few

The Season Pass! What is it?

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PlagueofMidgets Sep 3 @ 12:20pm 
I am just going to sit here and drink up some of the idiocy of the drones below me.
Captain Freezer Sep 3 @ 11:51am 
I'm just gonna sit here and drink some of the tears of the entitled♥♥♥♥♥♥♥below me.
orb Aug 21 @ 3:37pm 
@Sgt. Pickle: What if I bought the Bioshock Trilogy for something like 8.99 EUR on a -85% deal? That would mean this game is "like any of the Bioshock game", so for 9/3=3 EUR. :steammocking:

I needed to buy season pass for Bioshock Infinite of course separately, but it also was discounted some time ago -75% off on one of the bundle sites, just like the Columbia's Finest some time later. Well, I always find discussions about prices of games really funny. I'll simply wait with buying anything until it's under my threshold for game prices. :steamhappy:
Penix 3 <=3 Aug 21 @ 12:32pm 
So... wait, have I paid 30 € for and put a lot of trust into a half indie game or does everyone who preordered the game in early access get the season pass for free?
Foxy the pirate cove fox Aug 19 @ 4:43am 
that 3rd DLC.........i have a feeling you'll be playing as a familiar, brown and white face....people who've beaten the game will know what I'm talking about.
PlagueofMidgets Aug 17 @ 4:44am 
What is it? A cash grab!
Sgt. Pickle Aug 17 @ 4:35am 
People are so freaking entitled. The base game has A LOT of content. Well over 20 hour game with good replay value. It's like any other bioshock game and worth the 60$ price tag imo. Don't buy the dlc if you don't want it.
Veochi Aug 16 @ 2:55pm 
To everyone saying the Season Pass should be in the base game - No it should not? The base game has so much content and gives you already THREE different campaign's of three people in the game, who are apart of Arthur's life(The Main Character). This game has SO much content from ALL of the Main Story Quest with the THREE characters and plus a BUNCH of side quest for EACH character. There is so much content in this game!

These characters that will be in futue DLC have no connection to Arthur or the other characters, so why include 3 random people in the base game? This is obvious it should be for future DLC as it provides nothing for the main story. Stop complaining people!

Also @Grateford, I suppose you didn't have this game in early access because if you did you would know the developers are constantly pushing out updates to improve the game. There are very little actual game breaking bugs and they are super rare, the game is not broken. Stop exaggerating.
limelight1210 Aug 15 @ 1:36pm 
The Season Pass! What is it?
Pre-planned content that we put outside the base game and charge extra money for.
Zak-Del Aug 15 @ 9:27am 
Q:Season Pass! What is it?
A:Something that should be in the game on the first place.