Unturned Update Notes

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влад VIP Sep 15 @ 12:16am 
Kerbol Explorer Sep 4 @ 4:50am 
In the steam workshop
EnderJoeJD Sep 4 @ 2:38am 
How do i get carpat
bK* CavalerulNegru Sep 3 @ 12:14pm 
what the ♥♥♥♥. are those the Carpathians in Ukraine or why is that street sign in cyrillic alphabet?
㋛CrazzyBoi1191㋛ Sep 1 @ 6:02am 
2018=20 fps wtf and this game isn't looking cool.MY PC CAN RUN CS:GO WITH 60 FPS:drownerbrain: :steamsad: :steamfacepalm:
mariushstern Aug 30 @ 10:14pm 
pls add Romania to the carpatians. I mean more than 50% of the Carpathians are located in Romania. pls :)
Cheeto Aug 28 @ 10:15pm 
@Gummi an update is not going to happen.
Scrub number 15 Aug 26 @ 12:49am 
remove rocket plugins and config options for server
Scrub number 15 Aug 26 @ 12:49am 
remove config options and rocket plugins
Hoshii Aug 25 @ 6:03am 
add england