SteamVR Home: New Destination and Asset Pack

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f03n1x Oct 5 @ 2:47am 
I seem to be having issues with a small scene in Unity which before this update was able to run it completely fine (it has very little assets and is generally used to test features).

I've created a system report:

I need this fixed due to it being apart of work, for now I'll probably downgrade it since it was working before hand.
Fluttershyisbestpony Oct 4 @ 5:50pm 
My new method is to start the trackers while the system menu (the Steam overlay) is on-screen, so far I haven't had any problems if the system menu is open... Seems like there's still a lot of problems to work out with the controller binding system.
Kodylex Oct 4 @ 11:34am 
I had the same issue this morning on and off. I noticed that one of the controllers would glitch out / stop working AFTER turning on the trackers.

I did manage to make them work for VRchat in the following order:
-start SteamVR
-choose a game to start with just the controllers
-while mid-game you can start the Vive trackers and return to home

It also sometimes worked with the trackers already being on before the controllers. Just try a few things until it works.
מטסﬣ♥ ҈҉ Oct 4 @ 7:16am 
Fluttershyisbestpony Oct 3 @ 7:44pm 
This update completely broke my Vive Trackers. Whenever I try to connect a tracker, one of my controllers glitches out on-screen (it freezes in place, no buttons respond, still renders in system menu but without a hand icon on its handle), but it still appears as connected and working in SteamVR. I tried unpairing all devices, removing/readding all USB devices, updating the controllers' firmware, and pairing/plugging in the devices in all different orders all day with no luck. Everything worked perfectly before this update. Any ideas? Thanks!
Jarilo Oct 3 @ 4:51pm 
Is there a way to turn on "GPU performance in headset" but ONLY have it pop up when a missed frame happens?
Cargo Cult  [developer] Oct 3 @ 4:47pm 
@blackhero911: Can you post a SteamVR system report from when it's in this broken state?

To obtain one of these, click the 'SteamVR' menu, 'Create System Report' and then 'Copy to Clipboard' or 'Save to File' and post the results somewhere. (There'll be a fair amount of detail so it won't fit in a comment here. Google Drive, Dropbox and similar seem to be good solutions.)

Firepanther Oct 3 @ 4:34pm 
I can't get my headset to work since this update has downloaded into steam. I can't get my compositor to work!! My headset doesn't work with I try to go into steam vr. Is there a way to fix this? last time you guys this an update and my headset doesn't work I have to completely wipe out my computer and reinstall steam to my headset work again. is there a way not to do this. is there a way to install steam vr and not have this problem?
FireWaran Oct 3 @ 12:09pm 
When will you release a Steam Home were i can browse my VR games in a way it makes fun?
BOLL Oct 3 @ 11:59am 
Time to launch Home again I guess 🤔 looks like very neat stuff... 😗