SteamVR Updated (1538437695)

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wolfcaroling Oct 7 @ 9:36pm 
Update: Updating my graphics card worked, but steamvr says my controllers need firmware updates and yet don't recognize the controllers when I plug them in as directed.
wolfcaroling Oct 7 @ 4:20pm 
Compositor error 400 - is this related to the new update? I've tried a bunch of fixes on the web, from uninstalling viveport to changing steam settings regarding my graphics card. And, of course, turning it off and on again a bunch of times. I'm updating my geforce driver to see if that helps... My eight year old is unhappy but not as unhappy as I am!
nubecloud Oct 7 @ 11:04am 
i have been afected to same error ipc compositor 306 , fix it please, i only use steam vr .
Harvey2491 Oct 5 @ 2:03pm 
Yes that fixed it for me yesterday too but now that seems broken for me too, what have they done to steam vr
Wollnerd[HUN] Oct 5 @ 5:49am 
@f03n1x, @roguesheep
Yeah, I also figured out, switching to v1527117754 version at beta properties solves the problem. :)
roguesheep Oct 5 @ 3:50am 
Thanks @UNCLibraryVR !!
Switching to beta and then to the june 18 version got me up and running again.
Just a small note: the switch is in the properties of SteamVR [beta] (from the Steam app) not from the settings (from the SteamVR app)
Thanks Steam for a wasted morning.... :-/
f03n1x Oct 5 @ 3:13am 

Hey I solved your issue yesterday (before having more issues but it might be related to Unity3D)

To solve the issue you had, I had to make sure my graphics card drivers were up to date (I put off updating my Nvidia drivers due to having some frame rate issues in Unity3D), after a restart and installation of the drivers I was able to run SteamVR just fine, I guess you could try that, maybe it will help you out.
Wollnerd[HUN] Oct 5 @ 2:55am 
After this update SteamVR wont start my Vive due to compositor not avaiable (400) error ! BEFORE update HTC worked perfectly!
I tried everything, nothing works!
Error message: shared ipc compositor connect failed 306
Details from vrcompositor.txt:

Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:03.571 - Headset is using direct mode
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:03.601 - Creating nvapi display
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:04.133 - NvAPI: Failed to get display timing! Error='NVAPI_ERROR'
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:04.133 - Failed to create render targets for NvAPI display in direct mode!
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:04.133 - Failed to init graphics device
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:04.138 - Failed to initialize compositor
Thu Oct 04 2018 22:52:04.138 - Failed to start compositor: VRInitError_Compositor_Failed

Krogenit Oct 4 @ 8:26pm 
Hello, i agree with Robbin. In new version with Always On reprojection mode image "swims" when you moving quickly or jumping. It's really uncomfortable. Is anyone also has this problem?
madoc_ab_owain Oct 4 @ 6:49pm 
SteamVR Status "This app is preventing you from restarting" errors when rebooting or logging off in Windows 10. Prior to this version, it would shut this app and Steam down shortly after the reboot/logoff process was requested.