Recent Vive Tracker Changes

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mors Nov 28 @ 9:17pm 
@azarmichael create a controller profile and set the pose acording to you hand position on the paddle
azarmichael Nov 28 @ 3:13pm 
i miss my virtual sports ping pong game
the paddle is orientated 90 deg off kilter making the game useless

very unhappy :(
how come the update wasn't tested before messing up everyone's fun
Kandra Oct 29 @ 10:39am 
This is game braking. In Virtual Sports tennis I now have the situation that the right hand controller which should hold the racket is always shown as tracker and the racket is floating somewhere in the air (having never used trackers in that game!). This happens with controllers set to legacy support and trackers being disabled in tracker management. And it doesn't matter if trackers are switched on or off. It is not acceptable that Steam VR updates are braking games which I have paid for.
And I would really like an option to completely reset all bindings for a game to legacy defaults.
Dual Good Oct 27 @ 3:56pm 
This update was a nightmare. Ruined a demo, lost a potential client since vive trackers were suddenly 90 degrees out and no heads up / pre-warning. Really bad idea. Very disappointed.
mors Oct 25 @ 6:39am 
@FFTZ for what I've come to understand, the poses more or less answer the question "where are your hands?"

take a look to this (updated) thread

in my beat saber configuration I set poses as:

Left Hand Back: left_pose
Right Hand Back: right_pose

with Hyperblaster I used

Left Hand Pistol Grip: left_pose
Right Hand Pistol Grip: right_pose

FFTZ Oct 25 @ 3:03am 
@mors how do you fix tracker rotation? Can you write tutorial about? (I see your link above, but I don't uderstand how it works)
小树林走起 Oct 24 @ 12:35am 

I am ppgun developer, I hope I can in the tracker set free choice to fit the game tracker Angle, hoping to add in time next version
hohjjang Oct 17 @ 2:48am 
We don't use controllers, we use 8 trackers. I use 8 Hyperkin Blasters but I can't do anything as it is. Let me know if there's a solution.
marijn Oct 17 @ 1:32am 
This is just ridiculous. Yesterday I had to give someone a demo of our system and he had to hold our physical device (which has a Vive Tracker attached) in a very awkward position. I had to apologize profusely because I had no idea what was going on. It turns out the default is now "held in hand" for the trackers, which apparently rotates the orientation by 90 degrees for some reason.
Would've been nice to get a heads-up about this. Next time, please do better!
jenncatlin Oct 15 @ 5:14am 
This doesn't explain how to get the games to actually work with this new change. I have WMR and I need help now that you've made this change. I can't get any of the games to work. Please provide more detailed directions on how to make the settings change to utilize the WMR tracking, not Vive tracking.