Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy - The Lament of Zors Mod

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Nice mode, please, continue support this beautiful game!
wicked_fallen Jul 26 @ 9:11pm 
crow spell removed? that was the best one!!
IsahaTx Jul 16 @ 4:34am 
i wanna play it :c
SquiddenHid Jul 12 @ 1:52pm 
I think if this mod were to be updated with new content, some sort of "Ambidextrous" trait that makes your spells cast in both directions (maybe double the cost of the spell too?)
Denim Dan Jul 3 @ 1:21am 
Is there a way to bring my original character's file into the modded game? I don't want to start all over again on a new character lol.
barkeynick Jun 28 @ 4:46am 
Just curious as a fan who is getting back into the game upon hearing about this mod.

Did you, or do you plan to, adjust the Traitor class, and is it still obtainable the traditional way?
Asdryu Jun 22 @ 7:01am 
@iHaku tryhard which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
I would answer you properly about the mod in its entirety, but that would be a spoiler in the authors' will and I'll have to respect that (and seemingly a waste of time. You clearly don't know what I was referring to).

Now you can shut up with your veiled "shut up"
It's my feedback about some of the aspects and I'm free to say it.

But to be vague, for some characters it is literally impossible if they do have some traits, kinda like having an endomorph with gigantism without double jump for some challange chest, but we're talking about bosses.
iHaku Jun 19 @ 11:28pm 
@Asdryu "are also real tryhards" yeah they try hard to make a mod that makes the game more difficult. thats the point of the mod, clue's in the name of it.
its not impossible for any character to do anything. people did level 1 runs of the full game and this isnt nearly as hard.
"It's a game: you want people that wants play it in the 1st place."
and apperently you dont want to play this mod, so just dont. simple.

it seems that the mod is just too hard to you. go back to vanilla if you dont enjoy the difficulty.
Asdryu Jun 19 @ 9:58am 
Tried the mod throughly and while it is fun for some points, you can really smell that the authors of this have favorites and are also real tryhards.
I get it: most players will try to cheese everything to make it easier, but don't just make things almost impossible (and ACTUALLY impossible for "some" characters) to reach.

It's a game: you want people that wants play it in the 1st place.
yac Jun 18 @ 12:02pm 
Good stuff!

Does anyone know howto run the zors lament by default without having to right click in library?