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Nalwreath Jan 27 @ 10:23am 
@David Penland I hope this does not come off snarky but you are aware the game is out on Xbox One right? I know that pc gaming is much better however the option is there to have it on Xbone and you could use a controller for that all day long.
Just a thought sir, I know this response sounds snarky but just passing on the idea more than anything. Hopefully you get the issue resolved.

J Harvey, Nalwreath.
Skifoid Jan 25 @ 6:43pm 
brownie Jan 24 @ 9:03pm 
rzep: it's your isp/connection. i, and basically everyone i know of rarely have problems with the servers
Ambient.Impact Jan 24 @ 3:22pm 
Sorry to hear that, Dave. One suggestion, if you're not already aware of this: for most skills you can just hold down the mouse button or key to continually attack or cast it. You only have to release it if you need to move or do another action.
Rzep Jan 24 @ 11:59am 
Servers that work please. The game is almost unplayable it does not matter if its a 10mb or a 300mb connection.
Jupiter's Cock Jan 24 @ 10:19am 
VR support pls.
Vanguard Jan 24 @ 9:17am 
Dave, forums exist for this. Sorry for your hands
David Penland Jan 24 @ 8:14am 
Clicking the mouse repeatedly is painful and after a while my hands start to throb and twitch. It sucks. So, I have had to abandon playing POE. I was a long time player. There is NOT a better game out there in my opinion to pass the time. The pain in my hands though has forced me out being a regular and I just about cannot play games like yours at all anymore. I can however play any games with an XBOX One controller all day long without the pain for the most part. I have something like 74 steam games and only two of them require exclusive use of a mouse to play. I don't play Diablo III for that same reason. It requires a mouse. So, please. For the Love of God. Figure out a way to make an XBOX One controller work easily within the game so that thousands of us out here in the real world that cannot use a mouse to play becase of the pain involved can join in and be a part of it. You have to keep us geezers in mind when you do these patches.


Thank you,
Dave Penland
David Penland Jan 24 @ 8:14am 
- So listen to me. I am a 46 year old man that LOVES this game, but I cannot play it because of my hands. I an an archeologist that travels all over the place living out of hotels for various projects. Games help keep me from going feral and drinking too much, like many of the rest of us Shovelbums. I have a hard time though using a mouse to play video games. My hands hurt constantly from the work that I do in the woods, as well as all of the paperwork and clicking the mouse that I have to do later for work submitting electronic documents for sites and progress reports. 'cont'
Pro Defamation League Jan 24 @ 4:53am 
@BBS Dovkahihn, I think the problem is that your POE file is set to READ ONLY, meaning you can't save the settings, google how to disable read only on folders, and then find the poe folder and disable it