La Tuna Apr 29, 2013 @ 8:44am
"Cache_tryalloc: 1760640 is greater then free hunk"
Hi, after log time, i noticed that my server fails again.
Players in server told me that server crashes when server carry up to 6 players. 9 players guaratee crash.
I tried to remove plugins, mods tec, but nothing. Server built: Exe build: 110:00 Aug 28 2012 (5787)
I use newest mod of metamod and amxmodx, also updated modules to newest ones. Server is powerful enought to run up to 3 full servers.
How server crashes?
When server has up to 6-9 players, somehow cpu starts rise up to 80%-90%-99% and crashes.
Server dumps error report: "Cache_tryalloc: 1760640 is greater then free hunk"
Help me out. I use only approved plugins. HEEELLLPPP!
Server ip for the check: