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Books and Movies, The Disapointment.
The disapointment of some books being made into a movie, like you can't take some things from the book and put it into a movie. If a character is thinking something, you can't put it into a movie, because how are you supposed to express it? Echo-y voice? LAME! I personally love books and have an amazing book level (6th grade language arts EOG? Got a 4 and got way above state average. I'm not kidding whatsoever.), and I like movies, but books take the cake. Its an adventure. Its an opportunity to escape life and go into history, romance, or more! Things are waiting for you in books! You imagine what is happening! Thats another reason that I sort of dislike some movies based on books, because its never what you expected. When you read a book, you visualize what is happening in your head, right? So, the movie producers are making the movie based on THEIR visualizing, not yours. So its not what you expected, and might be disapointing. So here's the four main points of the thread. One: Books or Movies. Better? Two: Books being made into movies. What do you think about it?Three: What you like about books?
And finally, Four: Fiction or Nonfiction? What do you prefer?
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Rubik748 Mar 7, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
1. Books = more detail than any film version.

2. There is a saying; Hollywood has run out of ideas. But truth be known, both film makers and book writers ran out of ideas a long time ago. The longer you have lived and read and watched whatever, the more obvious this becomes.

3. I don't actually like books. Why chop a tree down just to print out an idea or an opinion?

4. Non fiction. But even then some fiction can get mixed into it when the author describes something.
Skylx Mar 7, 2014 @ 8:50pm 
Dune, all of them. Kyle Mc-cluck-cluck (whatever his last name is) was too old to play 15 yr old Paul, and I hated it that they always made Jessica scream like a girl, she was Bene Gesserit for cryin out fraggin.. I'd mention The Shining but that always seems to bring out the hardcore Kubrick apostles.
Books are always better. I prefer fantasy, sci fi and horror mostly. I find it horrifying how they chop and delete and add stuff into movies that doesn't even appear in the original books. The current Hobbit series being made makes my teeth itch. If you feel the same way, you should perhaps either never read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, or else never see the film.
Zinnoy Mar 8, 2014 @ 6:55am 
Of course books are always better. They have WAY more detail and like you said, you know what the character is thinking. A good example is The Lord Of The Rings, they cut huge parts out of the story when making the movies. This makes sense since you would be watching a movie of 12 hours if they didnt but you get the point. Thats why i dont want some of the best books i read to get a movie adaptation, they will always dissapoint while all the people around you who havent read the books will love it. Of course there is nothing wrong with loving a movie, please do, but the insufferable feeling of knowing what they havent experienced, the parts they missed, that just hurts.
One more dillema with movie adaptations is that if you watched the movie first and you LOVED it, its maybe for the best not to read the book because you will never be able to enjoy the movie again. The only plus of a movie is the music, but i dont see any other advantages.
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