error 1327, invalid drive D:\ (read desc before posting)
Forgot to mention, this appears when i try to install steam.
so i haven't got steam

i know what you're thinking, theres a page to fix this.
this page:

Doesn't work.
For the last two days i have been trying different methods to fix this issue, i have tried both official and user made fixes, nothing seems to work.
so at last i turn to the steam community at last.
i need help.

"2 days? why have you been trying for two days?"
hard drive failure, it just died.
don't worry, i didn't lose my 7gb of music.
just my 70-130gb of steam games thankfully.
so, i no longer HAVE drive D:\, just C:\
now another thought that occurs is if i BUY a new drive, and set it as D:\, i'd rather not though.
any/all help is appreciated.
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LiquidSoul Jun 27, 2013 @ 4:47pm 
im having the same problem
i can help you fix it.
follow these steps:
when you click/ Regedit
you need to right click it, press "run as administrator"
then proceed to follow these steps.
if you're having issues finding things like "9C8928403D4AB094F99FBA20A329833F"
hot CTRL and F and paste in the lettery numbery thing you're looking for.
HotcakeNinja Aug 2, 2013 @ 6:28pm 
I have the same problem, HDD failure. I can't go back and delete those registry files as an administrator because I already deleted them. I did the auto steam-fix deal but that didn't work either. I still get the same 1327 message that tells me I don't have something that I don't even want to install on anymore... :p2turret:
did you right click regedit and run as admin? Ensure you did that.
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