Demolition, Inc.
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Eyes Apr 18, 2013 @ 10:12am
Update notes
Version 76641 - 2013-04-18
  • Workshop levels are sorted so unplayed ones are at the top, and show 'New'
  • Improved rendering when the 'Shaders' option is set to 'off'
  • Army timer now starts when you use an earthquake bomb

Level Editor
  • Improved 'stacking' functionality: If you want to stack objects, it is sometimes irritating that the cursor is gliding along walls. To make sure your cursor is not jumping wildly around just hold the Ctrl Key while Painting or Moving Objects.
    By holding Ctrl you can easily stack things!
  • Painting: You can now hold and drag your mouse button to paint multiple objects
  • Added a new Container object in the Construction category (great for stacking!)
  • Added a new White Splash object in the Street Sign Decals category (great for painting!)
  • Improved thumbnail quality
  • You cannot publish a level unless it has at least one building, one item and a new name

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in deathstar level with the building counter
  • Improved display of steam names with crazy characters
  • Displaying workshop level ratings correctly
  • Vehicles don't respawn on circular paths
  • Cars corner sooner when driving on a faster path
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