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最初の血 Unforgiven  [developer] May 13, 2019 @ 10:40pm
F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does Them & Us stand for?

The game takes part in an apocalyptic world and we want to show it by the name of the project, THEM refers to the enemy itself- (cult &organization) while the US refers to all the survivors that are trying hard to live in this world we create.
Them (zombies, infected walkers) & (and) Us (survivors) = Them & Us

Since the name connects very well with the story we decided to go with it.

What is your discord channel?

We would like to feature Them & Us in one of our articles, do you have any Press Kit?

What is Early Access?

If I buy the game in early access will I need to pay for the full release again, or pay extra?

No, buying the game while in early access is like buying the complete game already. The only difference is that you take a risk to buy an unfinished game much cheaper than it may worth in full release to help the developers and the game development.

Updates, and more updates? What are you guys working on?

[Quating the Programmer] :

"If I change one line of code, I have to do a full recoock and that alone is 400mb, if I keep cooking over, a lot of unecessary stuff is kept behind."

We are working on the game every day, as soon we find a major bug we fix the game.
We will announce here on steam when we make important major updates.

When will the game be released?

Our initial plan was to release the game at the end of the year 2019 but because we expended a lot the story, levels, game mechanics, CO-OP implementation, we will have to push now the release date to the end of quarter 2 of 2020. The current progress of the maps now is almost 70%.

What game Engine are you guys using?

Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3) with custom shaders

Any plans to use Unreal Engine 4/5 in the future?

We already talked about this. If the game will sell well enough or if we find an investor to fund our programmer(s), we will remake the game on UE4 and release it for free for all people that already purchased the game.

Will the game be released on the console as well?

[Not really the right place for this but we got this question a lot.]

Yes, as soon we finish the game we are going to look forward to releasing the game on other game platforms such as PS4, XboxOne.

How long is the current build (0.5.0)?


Around 7 to 9 hours if is your first play.

Extra Game:

Depending on how much you like the extra mode

Is there a way to see the progress of the game?

Will you add a map later with items drops showing on the map?

We already did in 0.5.0 update.

What about doors showing on map?

Yes, we will add at a later time in development when we finish with all the levels implementation.

New languages?
Yes, language localization will be added at a later time.
We will look carefully at how well the game is received/bought in all countries before moving into game localization.

Do you plan to add other costumes for heroes?

Yes, we already have a few costumes done already but we cannot add them at this moment.

I really like what you guys are doing, can I help in any way?

Thank you. Supporting the development of the game is all we ask.
Everything we received will be sent to:

Language Localization such as French, Chinese, German, Russian, etc
Professional Voice Actors
4 different endings of the game

As well as:
Team Development
[Currently extremely impossible to achieve, but, this is not an obstacle of not letting us finish the game since we work with love and passion. We just hope things will turn better for us.]

Do you have any other place where people can contribute with donations?

We do not ask for this but since we noticed some people try to help we made this possible:
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