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FAQ - Steam Cloud Save Fixes
What changed? Do I need to do anything?
You do not need to do anything, but it’s always a good idea to make manual backups! (see below) The main difference is that the location of your save files has changed (see below). To solve a critical issue which resulted in some players' progress being lost, we had to change some of the behaviour under the hood regarding the saving system. This should make the cloud syncing more safe when playing on multiple devices, and when several people play on the same PC with different accounts.
If you have disabled Steam Cloud saves in the past, it may be a good idea to enable it now to make sure you have a copy on the cloud, see below.

Why did you make this change?
To solve a critical issue that has caused some players to lose days or weeks of progress on their worlds because of Steam Cloud syncing issues between accounts. We are terribly sorry for all the players that have encountered this and hope that this patch will stop it from happening again.

Why did you spend time on this patch rather than working on Mistlands or new content? How much time did it take?
It makes us feel so bad when players who have spent many hours building up their worlds write to us and have their progress. For many this means they will stop playing or have a bad experience. This change hasn’t taken much development time away from anything else, and we felt it was a critical issue that needed fixing as soon as possible.

I’ve had Steam Cloud disabled for Valheim for a long time, can I start using it now?
Yes. You can enable/disable the Steam Cloud save function as you see fit, even if you haven’t been using it previously. If you play Valheim on multiple devices and want to access the same characters and worlds, we suggest that you have it enabled, it’s also good as a backup in case of a hard drive failure.

Where can I find my save files now?
When you start the game for the first time after the patch, your save files will be in the same folder as before, these will be marked as ‘legacy saves’. When you play with a character or world, when it saves the next time, the file will be moved to one of two locations.
By default, if you have Steam Cloud saves enabled in your Steam settings (which is enabled by default), the file will be moved to the new cloud location. It’s found in your steam/userdata folder, which is a folder not meant to be manipulated manually, but if you want the files to make manual backups for example, you can find the paths below.
If you have disabled Steam Cloud saving in the past, your saves will instead be moved to a new folder in the same base directory as the old saves, but with the new folder called “worlds_local” and “characters_local”.
Any time a file is moved between folders (either automatically from legacy, or manually using the button, a local backup is created).(See details below)

Local files can be found at:
Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim
Linux: .config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim

Steam Cloud save folder:
Windows: Steam\userdata\NUMERICSTEAMID\892970\remote
Linux: .steam/steam/userdata/NUMERICSTEAMID/892970/remote

A final note on the Steam Cloud save folder– In the ‘892970’ folder you will also see a folder named “ac” (Auto cloud) which stores your old legacy saves. With this new system, we simply keep this one enabled as well.

What do the “Move to Local” and “Move to Cloud” buttons do?
These buttons will move the selected save file to the local folder if it’s currently on the cloud, and it will move it to the cloud if it’s currently located locally. AND a backup will be created each time!
Please note that the backup files are not deleted automatically, so pressing it many times may create a lot of backup files which can use up a lot of disk space if your worlds are large.

How do I make manual backups of my save files? (And should I?)
It’s always a good idea to make backups of your save files that you’ve invested a lot of time in for all games! Even though we game developers do our best to keep systems safe, there is always a chance of files being corrupted or sync issues causing loss of data, or your hard drive might crash!
To make a backup, simply locate the save folder (see above) and copy the files to a new location.
An even easier way of doing this in game now, is to simply use the new “Move to Local” button twice in a row, which will move the file first to your local drive, and then back to the cloud, and leaving a backup in your local folder!

How do I recover a backup file?
The backups created when files are moved between locations have a “_backup” suffixed to their filename so that they do not show up in game, simply remove this from their name and you can see them in game again.
If you want to restore manual backup files, simply copy the files back into the local save folder, and then you can move them to the cloud again, just make sure you don’t overwrite a world you progressed further in!

If we are multiple people using the same PC, how can we play in the same world?
If you want to use multiple Steam accounts to play in the same world at different times on the same PC, you will need to move the world to a “local save” as the new cloud location is bound to your account to prevent data loss.

Why do some files show their names and something else in parentheses now?
Since save filenames can now be renamed, if the original world name and the file name differ, this will show in the parentheses.

How do I know if my saves are on the cloud or local?
There is a text and icon under each character telling you where the save is located, and the same icon next to each world showing where it’s located.

How does the Dedicated server load worlds now?
Dedicated servers can only access local files, since the cloud saves are now tied completely to your steam account, so if you want to use the dedicated server the world needs to be located in one of the local folders (see paths above). Both the old and the new folders work, but they will also be moved to the _local suffixed folder upon save.

I disabled Steam Cloud but can’t find my character/world now! How do I get them back?
If you disable Steam Cloud saves after having any saves on the cloud, these will no longer be visible in game. This is by design and intended, as they are bound to your account. If you want to access them again, simply enable cloud saves again. If you want to disable them and continue using your saves, enable it and use the “Move to local” button.

My save files are gone, what can I do?
Please look through all the folders specified above and see if you can find them again. Any file with the _backup suffix will not show up ingame. If you have cloud saves disabled in Steam (see below), any files you had as cloud saves in the past will not be visible, so enable it again to see them.

How do I enable or disable Steam Cloud saves?
To change the setting for Valheim only, right click on valheim in your games library, select ‘properties’, then under ‘General’, toggle ‘Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Valheim’
To change this setting for all games on Steam (not recommended!) you can go to the drop down menu at the top of Steam window and select ‘Steam’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Cloud’ and toggle ‘Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications which support it’

What does “cloud save”, “legacy save” and “local save” mean?
Legacy save: The file is saved in our old folder structure.
Local save: The file is saved in one of the new folders (characters_local, worlds_local)
Cloud save: The file is saved in the Steam Cloud, and it will always be synced with the Cloud as long as you have Steam Cloud enabled. This also allows you to access the file(s) on another device.

What do the different icons mean?
Legacy save: The bigger old square 5.4 floppy disc.
Local save: The smaller 3.5” floppy disc with a diagonal corner.
Cloud save: The cloud symbol.

I’ve bumped into an issue and believe you need to look into it. How to contact you?
Please visit the Bugs & Technical Issues subforum on Steam and see if your issue has already been reported by another user. If it hasn’t, create a new discussion and explain your issue in detail. Alternatively, you can also reach out in the Valheim Discord channel #valheim-bugs-discussion.
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