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Booty Calls

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PSA to those who want to pick up the game.
Just to note who this is coming from:
-I play this on Nutaku with 300+ day's in, Optimized grinding by resetting the game when failing.

-Maxed all skills but Viagra and 2 more Item Buff Skills.

-Have 2 of the Gacha girls. Miyu and Raven

-Enough construction levels on the zones to get double items from all area's.

-Have 2 Grind desinated girls who are at Level 4 Personality for all stats for back to back Dates.

Firstly, to TL;DR, if you don't want to pay, do NOT pick up this game, it's been heading into a very P2W model and after the (Unneccessary) Difficulty Scaling during the Gacha Patch, it's getting ridiculously hard even for Capped players like me.

The energy system is fine, the Photo Storage is fine, it's 800 cash for a slot when late game you start questioning what to do with $ and are farming up materials for Sex for said pictures, you're also pretty much going to be hitting on the Easiest girls for $ so you wouldn't get other girls pics till later (Restart the game if you fail, you lose the energy but can still date/sex her, used for Itemized + Personality funded girls for max gain/Clear Rate). What's bs, however, is the Scaling of the game.

There was a patch that increased all the skill levels by 2 during the addition of the Gacha, now you'd assume this makes the game easier (Considering my Best Girls failed consistently before cause RNG cucks you, I can't even say the game was 'easy'), nope, they also scaled up the points needed by abt 50%, when the skill levels only effectively gave you abt a 20% increase, they scaled the game up for the sake of scaling the game up with you at the disadvantage.

Those who want the math back then, +800% from skills, +300% from lv 4 Personality, 200% from 1 lv of Passion is already 1300% additive increase, 2 Skill levels is +200% for 15% increase or 25% for Passion per level but high level of Passion while having enough turns to clear is already hard.

Currently I need 41k Points for the Easy girls with Hard requiring 52k MINIMUM, this can go up to 43k and 56k respectively when before the patch it was ard 30k and 42k Max. A single Favourite match without Passion on my Best girl (Level 4 Personality on everything) grants 280 points, a hated match is 70 or 1/4 of that. Math it out and that's 150 Fav matches in 21 turns (20 without +1 Turns Skill) or a consistent 8 matches per turn for the EASIEST girls. But wait, aren't there bombs and Time Blocks? Yes, but that's all RNG, I've had rounds where the game starts all checkered and for my first 8 matches are all 3 matches.... of her hated type, oh look, i'm 56 matches behind schedule. I've had rounds where 0 Time blocks dropped and got nothing but Black Hearts. I've had rounds where my Best girls were 15k off the mark. It's also pretty rigged to spam her hated match on the field and less of her favourite.

Passion also doesn't help much, it's only worth lv 2 and then you really don't want to purposely make a small match. Get it off Bombs, open up other orb connections or making huge one's to clear the screen are the more optimal ways. Basically, don't make a small Passion match for the sake of getting Passion. Because it's just a 40 point increase per level or 15% increase but the requirement per level increases quite alot lv 1 = 3, lv 2 = 8, lv 3 = 15, lv 4 = 24. Considering you alr need 8 Favourite/32 Hated Matches PER turn, how do you have enough time to farm Passion when 1 level is 1 turn worth of fav matches but only +15%?

And oh hey, what happens if you fail? You have to pay $. It also forces item usage which oh, you'd be paying in game $, to make less in game $. Don't get me started on Sex, 66k for Easiest girl, fixed 280 points no Passion or Time blocks, Nerfed Items (Wine Glass in Date currently is 6.75k which is usually how i secure wins for Events, Sex is 2.25k), I've used Items and still failed by 10k. How is it, that a player that is basically at the Cap, can fail so badly so consistently.

Overall, are you the type who doesn't mind pumping money into a game? Then this game would be 'good' for you. Nice Pictures but the company is slowly pushing into a very monetized model esp with the new girls in gacha. It was fine before the Gacha got added.

Off topic: I even tried their new game and at world 3, I already ran into a point where you need to pay $ to win consistently, interesting concept but when you have 6 different type of things on a 5x5 board with a game concept similar to the game 2048 and only 3 actions a 'turn', you can alr smell bs.
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Valaith Aug 8, 2018 @ 12:46pm 
Wow, that's trash. Just gonna wait for Huniepop 2...
Hargrim Oct 3, 2018 @ 2:39pm 
How do you delete pictures in the phone?
Valaith Oct 3, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
Originally posted by BH Grimm:
How do you delete pictures in the phone?

You can't. They want you to buy more space.
TheBlindReaper Oct 5, 2018 @ 3:55am 
I mean as I've said before, Camera Space isn't an issue if you're grinding properly and easily making 800 or more an hr from even just Talking (paying for the reset included)
iBoolGuy Jan 23, 2019 @ 4:30am 
Hol' up.. what do you mean reset the game? you mentioned that like it's cake.. what does resetting do? I kinda understand why you wanna do it, but what does exactly reset?
If I unlocked clothing pieces for example for some girls, would that be lost?
If I paid and upgraded some of my personality skills, would that be reset?
Also, if I gave girls items and upgraded their personality, would that also be reset?
TheBlindReaper Jan 23, 2019 @ 6:25am 
If you mean resetting the game, i mean just refreshing the game when you know you're going to fail the Date. Resetting the game during a Date will still cost you your stamina, but not pass Time which would have her go on Cooldown till the next Date. Good when you have Gifts given to the girl and so you want to only clear her dates or can only do specific Girls due to Difficulty of Points. Usually if you have 2 Girls Gift-ed up you just rotate both, refresh the game when you know you'll fail...

Basically, what I was trying to point out in the above disclaimer is that I have effectively spent more than just 300+ days worth of stamina, it's more like i've spent 600++ Days worth of Stamina rather than just 1.2k for 300 days since I do spend the stamina, but Time doesn't pass. Just to say how long I've played this game for added weight to my words.
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