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Action Alien : Prelude

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Devdan  [developer] Feb 11, 2018 @ 4:32pm
Hello, I just wanted to give a bit of clarifications about what this game is since it may have a confusing history.

This game is a redux of Action Alien.

Action Alien has 5 open world maps, survival mode, perks and was continuously updated for almost 2 years.

Action Alien: Prelude has a single map, a wave-based gameplay, day/night mode and is available for a much cheaper price as a redux.
Action Alien was previously known as The Alien Wasteland and was first announced at Greenlight at the beginning of 2015. At this time it had very similar graphics to this redux.

After Greenlight, graphics and gameplay of the game were changed. The game was featuring a single map and was released in the middle of 2015. This first release had some bugs which were found and widely exposed by some youtubers.

After public apologies, the bugs were fixed just a day after and despite the negative coverage from the big youtubers, the game continued to be updated. It was improved for almost 2 more years, receiving 5 additional maps, destructible environments, open world gameplay, survival mode, perks system, achievements, etc...

While making these updates, I received a legal notice from inXile, developer of the RPG "Wasteland 2" who were threatening me of legal action due to the use of the word "wasteland" in The Alien Wasteland.

Because of the trademark issue, I had to change the title from The Alien Wasteland to Action Alien, here is an announcement from this time with more details :
Action Alien : Prelude is a redux aiming to bring back the initial gameplay and graphics of The Alien Wasteland from Greenlight, but improved with updates from Action Alien (destructible environments, bug fixes, achievements, etc...) and for a much smaller price.

Changes in gameplay of Action Alien: Prelude are
  • Destructible buildings
  • Brighter graphics
  • Ability to crouch
  • Wave-based gameplay
  • No more crates with unlimited ammunition but ammo boxes, medkits and grenades to find after each alien wave
  • Weapons are more powerful, accurate and are faster to reload
  • Grenades are faster to throw
  • Head view movements
  • Intro and ending cinematics
  • and some more...

I hope it makes sense now,
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