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Hannah  [developer] May 18, 2023 @ 5:43pm
How to get support with issues: Here!
Thank you to everyone who has supported Firmament at launch!

For those who are encountering issues with Firmament crashing or having strange graphical issues, please read the below to make sure you are able to get the help you need.

In most cases, ensuring:

- Your machine fits our minimum spec,
- If playing in VR, you are using an officially-supported headset in Firmament (see our store page description for headsets we support),
- Your graphics drivers are up to date, and
- Verifying game file integrity should fix the issue for most.

Like we've seen with other games like the latest Myst we released a couple of years ago, many of the support tickets we've seen come in related to crashing or flickering of graphics are directly caused by out-of-date graphics drivers, with users reporting the issues they see are resolved after updating their drivers. We cannot update your graphics drivers for you; this is something we do not have control over here at Cyan. Please ensure your graphics drivers are up to date and it may resolve the issue(s) you are seeing almost immediately. This is something we verify you have done when we inspect your dxdiag file (more on that below).

If you’ve manually enabled some graphics settings that caused Firmament to poop out launching every time after then, you can delete your user settings here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Firmament\Saved\Config, and please let us know which setting it was that caused the issue (as well as information about your machine).

As a workaround for any issues your machine may be encountering in dx12 mode, you can use our launch option for starting the game in dx11 mode, and that should get you in the game.

If you CONTINUE to have issues after all of this, please email with the following information:
- Dxdiag (if on Windows) or screenshot of “About this Mac” page (if on Mac) of your machine,
- The contents of your C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Firmament\Saved directory, zipped up, or if on Mac, the contents of your /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Epic/Firmament/Saved directory, and
- Details of the bug, with any repro steps if possible.

For anyone who is encountering a game-breaking bug unrelated to graphical issues or crashes, please still attach the above information to an email to Having your save games and user configuration files will help us immensely in investigating issues.

Thanks, everyone, for your support, and we hope that you enjoy playing Firmament!