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Titan  [developer] Dec 26, 2017 @ 9:37pm
【Official Thread】Patch Notes (current patch 1.1.1)
1.1.1 - 2018/12/28
-. Enable Skirmish mode for all multiplayer maps
-. Add 300, 600, and 900 second timer options
-. Show Team change notification banner in MP play

-. Halve cost of healing units at buildings

-. Add sound effect for "your turn" in MP play

-. Fix end of path selection cursor sometimes being left on map
-. Fix auto move to next suggesting to move to factory after spending all money at prior factory
-. Make Act5 be unlocked if players have already won mission 14
-. Fix race condition near end of turn when building a unit might make said unit owned by opponent
-. Fix over aggressive occlusion culling hiding fog tiles on some maps

1.1.0 - 2018/12/20

-. Add Online Multiplayer
-. Add Act V to the Campaign Mode
-. Add Color Blind Mode

-. Teach AI to better use indirect units
-. Teach AI to better prioritize which buildings to capture

-. Display mission name in upper right corner
-. Add medals to overworld displaying achieved score rank
-. Make high score table display lesser ranks also achieved if higher rank is attained
-. Upgrade idle units on main menu to hero versions once unlocked
-. Make pressing cancel in squad viewer return to main menu
-. Improve readability of building capture progress counter
-. Update cursor move sound effect
-. Make pressing any key cancel loading idle video on main menu
-. Fix Gameplay category button in settings menu not being focused when opened in-field
-. Allow players to access pause menu even during enemy turn
-. Make commander name in HUD easier to read
-. Fix character names being offset from dialog text box by 2 pixels
-. Improve readabilty of unit status text
-. Display cost of healing in action menu
-. Add hero unlock counter
-. Add bonus mission unlock counter
-. Add terrain ambient sounds volume to audio settings
-. Unify UI styling
-. Double speedup fast forward
-. Increase size of Unit HP bar for easier reading

-. Make used Comm Links turn grey after deployment
-. Make explored easter eggs turn grey after exploring
-. Optimize battle scene rendering
-. Optimize rendering cost of units
-. Make battle scenes render at full resolution on all platforms
-. Tune team colors
-. Improve in-game lighting
-. Improve visibility of units with a slight desaturation on terrain
-. Add wind system
-. Make forests sway in wind
-. Add lights to buildings

-. Add commander specific blip & blops during dialog for non Japanese languages
-. Add option to enable Japanese voiced dialog under all languages
-. Allow volume settings to go above 100% and upto 200%
-. Add sound effects to all UI interactions

-. Allow all unit types to perform Explore action
-. Expand radar cover of Radar and Phased Array Radar units by 1
-. Make Radar and Phased Array Radar more affordable
-. Prevent air units from performing Assault
-. Make deploying Heroes cost funds
-. Make healing units cost funds
-. Do not auto-heal units sitting on cities
-. Make Riflemen units do slightly more damage to Metals
-. Add radar range to MegaMetal Hero

-. Fix unit info not disappearing after victory screen appears
-. Fix percentage number’s outline not updating to new team color when enemy is defeated by HQ capture and unit’s are captured
-. Fix attacks against some hero infantry being calculated against wrong base damage type
-. Fix tile info widget being visible when hovering over unknown terrain
-. Fix BGM not playing during opening splash screens
-. Fix Comm Links being called Radios in tile info
-. Fix AI idling units over other-wise valuable buildings

1.0.11 - 2018/2/15

TINY METAL Patch 1.0.11 Update details by Game Director / Chief Programmer, Daniel Dressler [YouTube]

-. Add Simplified Chinese localization
-. Add Traditional Chinese localization
-. Add three new skirmish maps “Happy Island”, “The Great Hill”, and “Battle Of Three Kingdoms”
-. Add almost double the amount of unit voice quotation of the Metal in English

-. Teach AI how to heal damaged units
-. Teach AI how to use Radar units for maximum radar coverage
-. Tune AI to better use low health units

-. Add Field scene quick battle animations
-. Add extra hotkeys Z & C for canceling
-. Add extra hotkey X for opening menu
-. Increase text size for unit action descriptions
-. Increase text size of unit names on build menu
-. Rename Phased Array Radar to Phased Array
-. Improve hp bar displayed percentage precision
-. Improve visibility of score tallying
-. Improve control responsiveness on large maps
-. Make PC default to windowed fullscreen

-. Increase Riflemen base damage against other Riflemen
-. Decrease Riflemen base damage against Lancers
-. Increase Lancer base damage against Riflemen
-. Increase Lancer base damage against Heavy Metals
-. Increase difficulty of Upper Path skirmish map

-. Fix victory being forgotten upon reload if player quits during victory cutscene dialog
-. Fix edge case in team ordering at start of round
-. Fix ai Striker units not attacking as planned on specific maps
-. Fix the trigger for “Soldier’s Log #16”
-. Fix the name of the speaker not displaying on two dialog screen
-. Fix Metalpedia description of Scout units erroneously claiming they cannot enter forests
-. Remove inaccurate unit data from Metalpedia unit entries
-. Fix edge case on M08 where player could get stuck if they did not kill the enemy Fighter
-. Fix skirmish map Big Field not being listed as a 3 team map
-. Fix a dozen odd-kanji choices in Japanese localization

1.0.10 - 2018/1/29

TINY METAL Patch 1.0.10 Update details by Producer / Director, Hiroaki Yura [YouTube]

-. Add three new skirmish maps “Split Fire”, “Sea of Trees”, and “Abandoned Park”
-. Add loading screen in replacement of open cutscene video
-. Expand Hero Units Metalpedia entry

-. Increase text size for event dialogs
-. Add 0.1 second wait between Hero selection and landing selection to prevent mis-presses
-. Add canceling of fast forward during cutscene dialogs
-. Add two extra zoom levels in field mode
-. Allow player cursor to enter unseen terrain
-. Make player cursor hover on top of tiles and not fixed to the floor
-. Make attack previews for indirect units show the unmoved attack range
-. Make camera panning track focusing on indirect unit’s targets
-. Make saving settings perform an immediate save to disk
-. Move cutscene dialog buttons to non-moving position at bottom of screen
-. Mouse controls select a unit even if the mouse position is not exactly over said unit
-. Reduce default unit voice play chance to 50% from 100%
-. Increase contrast of hp % number on per unit hp bar

-. Make all land-based units healable at Cities, HQs, and Factories
-. Increase difficulty of M13 & M14 on both normal and New Game +
-. Reduce flanking vulnerability of Fighter units to 15% for attacks from behind
-. Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for Riflemen, Lancer, SpecOps, Sniper, and Scout
-. Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for all buildings that can be captured
-. Increase attack power of Riflemen and SpecOps against Sniper units
-. Increase attack power of Lancers against Heavy Metals
-. Decrease difficulty of Mt. Forest in Skirmish Mode

-. Fix Steam Cloud save failing to update save files
-. Fix victory not being given to player on three or more team maps under rare conditions
-. Fix cursor realignment upon new player turn when auto-move to next action is disabled
-. Fix optional mission 3 (MX03) not revealing during New Game+ mode
-. Fix some UI text not being translated

1.0.9 - 2017/12/27
-. Add “Exit” to title of main menu selection which contains the exit action

-. Increase movement by +1 for Metal, Fortress, Gunship, Radar, and Scout units
-. Increase attack power of Scout and Lancer against Gunship
-. Reduce movement by -1 of Fighter units

-. Fix unreal engine UI system re-using old score UI elements on mission select screen
-. Fix optional mission 3 (MX03) not revealing on mission select even when unlocked
-. Fix AI entering infinite loop in some rare cases
-. Fix AI indirect units ignoring vision
-. Fix unit hp bar ui widget not using rounding to ceiling when displaying hp
-. Fix Auto-Next-Action option performing auto next even when disabled
-. Fix typo in description of “Winning with the knife” achivement
-. Fix some Steam Achievements not getting configured in achievement system
-. Fixed text error in Japanese

1.0.8 - 2017/12/23
-. Improve UI scaling at low resolutions
-. Prevent SteamVR beta from auto launching upon TINY METAL startup
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Titan  [developer] Dec 26, 2017 @ 9:38pm 
Hi everyone!

We'll be posting all our patch notes here. Feel free to comment below :)

Hiroaki Yura
Y_ram (NL) Dec 27, 2017 @ 4:01am 
Hi, I had a question.

When there is a update on the Nintendo Switch version, is there a place where I can see the patch notes (since those are a little bit different then the steam version)?
And I want to say that i really like the game so far and can't wait for more content.

Titan  [developer] Dec 27, 2017 @ 4:07am 
Originally posted by Y_ram (NL):
Hi, I had a question.

When there is a update on the Nintendo Switch version, is there a place where I can see the patch notes (since those are a little bit different then the steam version)?
And I want to say that i really like the game so far and can't wait for more content.


Thank you very much Yram!

Yes we'd probably find a place to announce patch notes, but we haven't decided where yet. We'll definitely let everyone know via Social Media though :)

Thanks again for your query and your encouragement!

Hiroaki Yura
Y_ram (NL) Dec 27, 2017 @ 5:52am 
okay, thanks for letting me know :)
ZombieRommel Dec 27, 2017 @ 8:11am 
Thanks for the prompt update! Interested to try out the movement changes. Cheers!
SGT Sagara Jul 4, 2018 @ 3:47pm 
Many users with multi-monitor configurations have a BIG problem: the game decides which monitor to use itself (ignoring the default main monitor in windows)
I have already reimbursed the product, and I have advised 400+ people to buy it until the bug is fixed.

What does the developer say about this problem that has been present for months and involved so many players?
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