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cb99 Jul 10, 2018 @ 2:33am
Regarding Map game/info. and purchase upgrade.
With a BIG Reservation that I have interpreted this correctly.


On the steam game page:

- 5 maps for a total of 140 km² of authentic playable area


Number of Maps,

On the Twitch Stream 6/7 @28:05

Five maps,
You do mention the three existing maps and the Dover map coming out 18/7 with the release.
Arnhem in september.

On the Twitch Stream 6/7 @31:20

Three maps,
Two maps 16 square kilometers and one 4 square kilometers when 1st Airborne Division later is released.


Long story short,

I hope :)
That it should read 8 maps instead of 5 maps :) on the game description?

Release 18/7 we start with 3 maps and Dover then in september we get Arnhem
And then later in autumn? with 1st US 3 more maps

You should also include something about the +10 layers/map in the game description.


Purchase upgrade,

On the Twitch Stream 6/7 @33:37

Maybe some info. or when the change on the Steam game page? will be available to upgrade your purchase to supporter?
For those of us who wish to do so.
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cb99 Aug 10, 2018 @ 2:40am 
Did see some post regarding contents, the post above might be of interest.
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