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sylverzerom Feb 20, 2014 @ 2:21pm
problems running Sonic Generations on AMD graphic card? read this!
Hi everyone.

i had big problems running sonic on my pc. specs i5-2500K and AMD 7850 2GB graphic card. I read some workaround with the cfg file, but nothing worked. The game only run on my integrated graphic card Intel HD3000 and only on my 2nd Monitor. So here is how i got it running.

Just go to your device manager then under graphic devices disable the integrated graphic device. The go into the Sonic Generations folder and delete every file with .cfg ending. then restart the config tool. Now try to run the game again.

It first wasnt running fully. I had no text, only the sonic generations logo, but you could navigate with the pad. there was just no text (no rings no time etc.) so i played one level and then quit the game.

After that get back to the device manager and activate your integrated graphic card. Now run Sonic Generations again. When it works, right click on the graphic.cfg file and set the override protection on the file.

I hope this might help someone with similar problems, because the game is it really worth.

So long..
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It doesnt work for me in only detects my integreted intel card #1 #0 (dont know why 2 of them are selectable)
But my configtool doesnt even detect my amd video card so it wont even launch the game
Dr. Sam Beckett Jan 26, 2016 @ 11:08am 
Go into your bios and disable your onboard card. Since each motherboard/pc maker makes getting into the bios different goto the motherboard/pc makers web page and see how you disable your onboard video card.
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