Battlestations: Midway

Battlestations: Midway

brent209 Dec 12, 2012 @ 8:22am
A new hope - we can play online!

Ever since they closed our multiplayer, nothing really happened. Now we know that GameSpy is already bought by GluMobile, and one of first moves of the new owner was closing the servers. They turned off multiplayer for many old PC-Games, and they destroyed many communities of gamers. Including our own. On the Gamespy Fanpage there is no answer from the Gamespy developpers, on the Glu Mobile Fanpage they deleting all comments from guys asking about game servers and showing us their disregard. Personally I'm sure I will never buy any game using GameSpy technology or any game from GluMobile ever again.

Of course many people tried to find a way to rebuild their communities. We tried it too. Finally we found a way to play Battlestations: Midway without GameSpy. Yesterday two greek guys, Psaroulis and Georgevivlos send me some info about GameRanger and our favourite game. Now i'm really happy to inform you about the new way to play Battlestations: Midway online. Click Read More to see details.

The first step: You need to download and install Game Ranger from here.

The second step: You'll have too create an account, using your login and password (of course you can use a different value that were used fom BSM account).

The third step: Login, and configure Game Ranger to see your game. If you have Battlestations: Midway installed from DVD, GameRanger should detect your game. But if not - you should show your BSM location to the GameRanger. For this go to “Edit --> Options” and choose “Battlestations: Midway” from the list of games, then click Browse button and search for Battlestationsmidway.exe (it's in your game folder). Be sure it's the original Battlestationsmidway.exe (or Battlestationsmidway) and not a shortcut for your game. Usually the game is located in your Program Files.

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We also have additional info for Steam users. You can also play BSM online, but you will have to create a copy of your game folder (its located in Program Files/Steam/ ) folder and replace Battlestationsmidway.exe with the nocdcrack version that is available in our Download section.

Next repeat the third step and and configure your GameRanger.

If you have encountered problems, you can ask us for help on Skype ( search for or in GameRanger (my nickname is EST).

Do not wait and join us on GameRanger! Yamato and Iowa battleships awaits You :)

PS: Thx for gamming-for-dummys for help with this article.

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Anyone actually play??
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