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DEAD PYRO Dec 4, 2021 @ 10:49am
500K score achievement
whats the best strategy to unlock the 500K score achievement last achievement i have next to watching the news
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Brady Dec 23, 2021 @ 9:10pm 
trust me buddy, this thread is a ghost town. besides this one you'll never get any replies
DEAD PYRO Dec 28, 2021 @ 7:54pm 
i had a feeling i eventually got the achievement lmao
bilbo1973 Jan 16, 2022 @ 1:56am 
Hey DP. Finished all the achievements. It is actually pretty easy with 3 simple steps: 1. always go for the labs 2. try to get Perfect scores in each mission (easy at the beginning as you will only need to go for the 5 people stages) and (THE MOST IMPORTANT) 3. Unlock BEFORE (I mean after you put a couple of points in all skills) the 50k far right skill and the direction one/first one (you need 10+20+30 or so). You find both in Utilities section.

The effect is MASSIVE! All stages are a piece of cake after that. Trust me.
ReadyPlayerClay Oct 18, 2022 @ 3:12am 
Weapons are your friends, don't bother with the inital infection, its not enough in the later levels. focus on group the crowd together and just drop a canister... then sit back and laugh and spam unique zombies. Its how I did it.
jaredeveridge Jan 15, 2023 @ 10:15am 
I've got a few tricks. First always start in the U.S.A. because you want to have that clown zombie. Clown zombie at the beginning is mostly free burgers. You see a group of humans hiding somewhere drop a clown on them. Now they have clown plus five of their own are now zombies. And ZITT show up? Drop a clown on them. They will quickly kill the clown but they will get wiped out by the burger. Later in the game when you can blow up the screen by having fully maxed out your virus hit upgrades (see spending below) + maxing out the mutation upgrade you spawn clowns all over the screen and each one starts with a burger and can lay further burgers. Missions with lots of humans end up with no where to run. Easy to clear a map in less than 30 seconds.

Next up do not spend any research points on anything that adds a new zombie type to your roster. You start with the Brute and the Chubby zombie(defaults to join the common zombies) and by picking U.S.A. you get the clown zombie. Do not add any others via research. There are a couple of unique zombies that you earn and can use those but even researching a single new zombie type will result in your infections having less clowns. Stick to the two default special types plus the clown(plus common of course). You want the best chance possible to spawn those clowns when you hit the map with the virus.

Spending: 1. At the beginning I put 4 in speed and that is it. That is good enough for catch humans for now. 2. I save up and get the Virulent Chain item first. $50k but worth it. 3. Then Permeable Walls. You want that infection to keep going to the end of the screen. 4. All of the Additional Transmission Vectors so you launch virus every direction. 5. Virus Explosion. 6. Virus Spill. After I have bought all of these then I spend on stat upgrades.

Stats: I upgrade one at a time until I max out the upgrade. I go in this order: 1. Mutation Chance - I want to boost the chance of a zombie being a special which means more clowns on the screen which means more burgers. 2. Damage Resistance - I want all of the zombies to be able to stand up to as much abuse as possible. 3. Lifespan - those zombies need to live as long as possible. 4. Speed - to catch humans faster. 5. Infection chance - every new infection is a chance to spawn a new clown. 6. Attack - I know most people will try to put their points in attack first but my method that is not really necessary. I rely on burgers to wipe out most of the map and then swarm the survivors. Then pick off the stragglers by dropping zombies from my slots. Besides, you can boost the attacks by directly upgrading the common zombie.

Special Zombie Upgrades: I level up the Common Zombies as fast as I can. But I will spend on crafting more clowns because I need them on my missions. I always start with max clowns. I also will upgrade the clowns if I start to get too many but I do not worry too much about upgrading them. Upgrading the common zombies gets them the stat boosts that allow them to take down everyone. I will sometimes add a level or two on a unique zombie if I have enough commons. Later on when I have earned enough unique zombies I will only have clown plus unique ones and will not be dropping Brutes or Chubby zombies. So I watch them as I earn more and upgrade as needed. I do not spend common zombies on them to upgrade them any faster though.

Support items: I use these two ways. To earn the Challenge rewards. Kill so many with so many grenades and get so much money and so forth. When those come up I make sure I have enough of whatever item they call for and use it to get the money. That helps me get that first upgrade to Virulent Chain quickly. The other way is additional cleanup for zones that you might not be fully ready for. This is very important early in the game taking down an area with research. You have to hit them a few times and they get harder each time but your zombies may not be ready yet. Go in with grenades and burgers and canisters to do the work once you have exhausted your other attacks. Support items are my last line of attack. By mid-game I am not using them at all.

DNA Research: Like I said I never put any research into anything that will give me a new special zombie. When I do research I want to get Gold Digger first. If that means spending points to shuffle the deck then so be it. You want Gold Digger and then max it out. After that you will research anything that boosts the zombies directly. You will often get stuck with a selection that is nothing but "Unlocks a Zombie...". Shuffle those. Focus on anything that boosts zombie attributes.

World attack strategy: I start in the U.S.A and I will start pushing west or east until I have circled the globe. Then attack enough regions until I have access to attack anywhere I want. Research stations will pop up. Get to those and knock them down fast. Don't let them progress. Plus when you take them down you get a nice boost to your DNA research points. Once you have the entire world available then focus on attacking the continents where you have wiped out research stations. Focus on one continent at a time and destroy each region one at a time. You really want to force the continent panic up until you can force the nuking event to happen. If you are lucky this will wipe out the continent for you. Then it is a matter of destroying one continent at a time and stopping every now and then to wipe out new research. My best games are those where the big nuke event where 5 regions are destroyed wipes out the rest of the map for me with time to spare.

Bosses: The boss will be available and I take them down if I think my zoms are ready. At the beginning I might leave a boss alone (except for the U.S.A.) until I have have boosted my stats and leveled the zombies a few times. I find Europe is the hardest. Tough boss plus a tough map. Canada is also kind of tough. To help take down the bosses I have Kruggy and Jayson in my slots. Find where the boss is and wait for them to be in a crowd of humans. Then drop a zombie into the crowd. At this point in the game everyone usually rushes in to attack, including the boss. Then hit that crowd with the virus. Then drop Jayson or Kruggy near the boss as quickly as you can. Either of those will boost the zombies and result in a quick kill. Once you have defeated the boss you can take down the continent faster.

When taking down regions you want to always get a perfect score. Most of my games I will always get perfect scores and kill all humans on the map (except for that very first time out because I do not have my clowns yet, four out of five times I do not get a perfect score on that one). Grab that gold. Every penny counts. Focus your attacks to wipe out continents.

And that is pretty much my strategy when playing.
missiloon Dec 31, 2023 @ 5:54pm 
Originally posted by jaredeveridge:
awesome strategy

Thank you for this strategy, that worked so well. It also made me realize you can upgrade DNA. I hadn't figured that out before.
Originally posted by Brady:
trust me buddy, this thread is a ghost town. besides this one you'll never get any replies
Lmfao I'm still getting replies 💀
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