u&i  [developer] Apr 15, 2019 @ 5:30am
b for Android -- preliminary version
available from the official support site ( https://uani.de/b , https://uani.de/b/android/b.apk )

requires an ultra high performance Android device, such as the Xiaomi Mi 9 which runs b at 3 fps, requires a gyroscope sensor

no settings, settings same as Windows versions default, except defaults to "meadow edge/2 length" = 3, "number of dandelions" = 10 and grass density equals "grass density alternative" = 2, "grass density reduction" = 3, number fo fireflies at tree at night = 1, resolution = device screen resolution / 4

left screen half = speed down, right screen half = speed up, device orientation = turn up/down/left/right/roll left/roll right, you can only perform one turn at a time, device orientation at start is the resting position, orientate back to resting position to start a different turn.
Uses Unity's gyro attitude which apparently doesn't deliver the same value for the resting position after some device orientation changes as at the start, touch the center of the lower half of the screen (in default playing orientation) to reset the resting position
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