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The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse

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onebitbeyond  [developer] May 2, 2018 @ 10:12am
UPDATE HISTORY (Latest v1.17.02-204 - 14th June 2019)
*NOTE that dates are in Australian time, as that's where I live now!*

If a new version introduces a critical bug, please try the Previous safe branch

Choosing a branch
You can choose from the current release, or go back to the previous one at any time. Do this by right clicking the game in Steam, and selecting Properties > Betas and then choosing the build from the drop down.
• For the latest release, use the DEFAULT branch
• If you have any issue with the latest, you can go back to the PREVIOUS branch

v1.17.02-204 - 14th June 2019 [default branch]
• Fixed sword indicator not being visible at screen edges at 4K resolution

v1.17.01-204 - 7th June 2019
• Fixed issue with overworld map returning as undefined in rare circumstances
• Fixed player 2 being able to walk around while the Get Item UI was up
• Fixed elementally blocked caves not being added to the map
• Fixed pig quest being broken if another NPC is in the room
• Fixed Candle sticker showing all rooms of the overworld if the player is in an interior
• Textures for the border around the screen on levels smaller than the display weren't being drawn
• Fixed borders for rooms smaller than the current view being incorrectly sized

v1.17.00-204 - 21st May 2019 [previous branch]
• Updated to DATs 204 for a few more level fixes (removed Pig quest in Farm level, fixed route being blocked in another level)
• Fixed a number of issues with Traditional Chinese dialogue and place names

v1.16.07-203 - 17th May 2019
• Fixed a number of minor localisation layout issues
• Updated to DATs 203 to fix a few level layout issues that have been found
• Prevented Spinners from digging underground if they are in a trigger area that waits for them to die
• The Nemesis no longer follows players into dungeons in earlier Eras
• Fixes to Celestial Token amounts and the status of the Serendipity Shrines when swapping between Game Modes
• Fixed occasional issue with dungeon wall tiling
• Improved RNG for Chests to be less likely to award large cash, and more likely to award interesting drops
• Fix for rare crash when sleeping until the last day
• Fix for crash in Castle Sticker when the enemy it is tracking no longer exists
• Strengthened the checking for the death of enemies that fall into holes when their health is already depleted
• Increased bomb damage
• Prevented the player from regenerating health when Fate's Ring is equipped
• Game will recover a player's save if they had started a new story as a Sword instead of a normal person and they couldn't leave the room
• Fixes to the Toy Master trophy unlocking to take Badge Toys into account. Trophy will unlock when the game detects the player has all items in their Bag on game load.

v1.16.03-202 - 10th May 2019
• Fixed rare crash when collecting a key in co-op
• Fixed Mormo's Palace door opening after player has left in a curse story

v1.16.02-202 - 9th May 2019
• Hotfix for crash in co-op when using keyboard
• [Ubuntu] Fixed GameMaker assigning keyboards as gamepads in certain PCs

v1.16.01-202 - 8th May 2019
Added definable mouse button support for all languages
MouseWheel will now scroll through equipped Toys
• Fixed issue with an entrance door in a cave thinking it was an explodable door and locking one person in
• Fixed boss music not resuming if players get resurrected in the boss room
• Fixed issue where a DAT is restarted in Era 2, and the game structure doesn't cope with it ("undefined" dialogue when trying to leave the town)
• Fixed infinite roll exploit when doing spin attack
• Fix to Vileye never positioning itself correctly when doing its offscreen body slam
• [UBUNTU] Added debug logging for gamepad names to help track down a hardware issue

v1.15.04-202 - 7th May 2019
• Fixed crashes when blocking various secondary enemy attacks with the Shield
• Prevented Trial Dungeons from choosing the same map as it caused them to get their statuses confused
• Ensured that boss doors remain open if they are revisited after a boss has been defeated
• Made the Nemesis a bit more forgiving

v1.15.03-202 - 6th May 2019
• Fix for crash when pre-quest ID is not correctly set
• Fix when player 2 has Drone which destroys an enemy and simultaneously collects a pickup and destroys itself
• Prevented Spinners from digging underground when there is an Offering in progress
• The Nemesis could be frozen in Ether temporarily by the Ether Golf Club
• Fixed crash when blocking Vileye's laser with the Shield
• Fixed homing projectiles crashing if they are targeting an Inflatable Decoy that gets destroyed
• Fixed game pausing if the player changes their weapon as they immediately enter a room and a cutscene begins
• Prevented enemies from being electrified during Offerings

v1.15.02-202 - 5th May 2019
• Fixed Sticker grid returning error on item after offering to Henge and causing a crash
• Put in defensive programming for when the gate to Mormo's Palace doesn't open despite all enemies being dead
• Fix for Vileye checking for hittable objects after it has died
• Fix for Serendipity not having a gender set

v1.15.01-202 - 4th May 2019
• Doors could be misplaced in dungeons when the game downscaled the game from 1080p in fullscreen (typically at 1366x768)

v1.15.00-202 - 3rd May 2019
• Fixed crash with report "Can't create a surface with either a width or height of 0"
• Game could crash when it attempted to spawn the Nemesis in certain situations
• Saves were deleted when the game was started if Steam Cloud was disabled

v1.14.01-202 - 2nd May 2019
• Fixed crash that occurred when the Vampire Ring is equipped as Mormo’s eye crystals are destroyed
• Fixed crash that occurred when the Vampire Ring is used on the teleporters in the Laser Ring Trial Dungeon
• Removed support for legacy “Slot 0″ save slots

v1.14.00-202 - INTERNAL
• Players would die in failed stories in Regular and Relaxed Modes instead of being returned to their house
• Players would be returned to their house in Regular and Relaxed Modes if they died while climbing Mormo Palace and would be unable to leave
• Vsync would not respect the player’s setting on launch

v1.13.26-202 - INTERNAL
• Initial release of Mormo’s Curse DLC!
• It is recommended to start a completely new game when first starting Mormo’s Curse
• Added four additional Ditto environments
• Mormo now casts varied curses on the player’s game world at the start of successful stories
• Removed permadeath for Regular and Relaxed game modes
• Added multiple new Toys of Legend and player items
• Added new enemy types
• Added new boss encounter
• Added new NPCs and shops
• Added multiple new Stickers
• Game has been rebalanced across the board
• Added numerous new features to the Ditto overworld
• Added Bounty Boards feature
• New dungeon layouts and room designs
• New, more focused Ditto overworld layouts and room designs
• Various UI and UX improvements
• A huge number of bugs squashed


v1.12.01-112 - 30th July 2018
• Fix for crash when trying to level up a Sticker related to your current Badge when the Sticker no longer exists

v1.11.01-112 - 24th July 2018
• Added Badges! Collectible characters that can be upgraded on your adventures
• Badges give you a starting Toy of Legend, a free Sticker and some special stats.
• Levelling up a Badge increases the power of these abilities
• Added save slots. Choose up to three slots to store your adventures on Ditto.
• Added some extra abilities and balancing for Mormo in a post-Mormo defeat world.
• Lots more bug-fixes and balancing

v1.10.02-111 - 26th June 2018 [previous branch][default branch]
• Fix for players stuck on returning to a previous save where a dungeon no longer exists due to changes in cave randomisation
• Fix for Sticker Codes being added to the Bag
• Updates to all language files to stop the game freezing when it can't find the correct lines

v1.10.01-111 - 22nd June 2018
• The time limit has been removed for most stories. Players instead have to reach a target Level before facing Mormo.
• Updated the Level Up sequence to show Mormo's level in relation to the player's level
• The time limit now only comes into play for stories after players have defeated Mormo
• Players now start at the grave when they fail a story, instead of walking from the house every time
• Toy and Trial Dungeons are no longer marked on the player's map
• Toy and Trial Dungeons no longer require the player to be a certain level before they can get into them
• Players permanently get the dash, charge and spin attacks as rewards for levelling up at key milestones
• Story Tablets are now always an additional reward from chests/NPCs
• After defeating Mormo, the player is now given a specific Quest to help them on their way to finish the game properly
• The player must now face a challenge when offering an Icon at the Henge
• Successful stories now see high level enemies spawn around the map, with rewards for defeating them
• Streamlined the start of a story after beating Mormo by awarding the Kazoo and unlocking Air Kazoo stops
• Enemies no longer scale along with completed dungeons, meaning more variety in enemy difficulty around the world
• Sticker Packs have become Sticker Codes, to better communicate why Lik only gives you one Sticker in return
• Added Screenshake menu option
• Increased the pickup collection radius for the player
• Various balancing changes
• Lots of bug fixes

v1.08.02-111 - 1st June 2018
• Capped Level Plates to level 99
• Fixed crash if going to options menu with keyboard or gamepad

v1.08.01-111 - 31st May 2018
• Protected against defined keyboard values of 0
• If a profile is loaded with any keys set to 0, the defaults are rewritten in their place
• Removed Game Mode from main menu options (as it is always overwritten by the player save file)
• Fix for save files where the Greek version of Windows had written characters that GameMaker couldn't parse
• Fixed issues on sub-1080p resolutions such as incorrectly scaled HUD, shadows not updating correctly
• Player 2 pause button on keyboards wasn't unpausing the game
• Player 2 attack key was unpausing the game
• Sticker Swap icons were incorrect for keyboard users
• Removed time limit in final boss fight
• Fixed player losing any items they got from Serendipity if they immediately turn off the game after starting the next story
• Updated level DATs to latest versions for various fixes

v1.07.01-110 - 22nd May 2018
• Players now start in the overworld if they saved their game in a special interior such as Ock's or Cave Cat's and then quit
• One way dungeon doors never now close when players go through
• Fix for one way dungeon doors putting players at the incorrect doorway
• Prevented player from going into a Sticker swap if all their Stickers are equipped

v1.06.05-110 - 18th May 2018
• Fixed route to henge not working if it went through a beach level
• Fix for users of Logitech hardware suffering a crash when going into an interior

v1.06.04a-110 - 17th May 2018
• Removed target framerates other than 30 and 60 as they were causing issues.

v1.06.04-110 - 17th May 2018
• Fixes for players that have saves stuck at overworld doors
• Elemental blockers on cave doors fixed
• Texture page fixes
• Fix to stop players getting stuck in elemental root rooms
• Teleporters now connect to their special room correctly in the overworld

v1.06.03-110 - 15th May 2018
• Stopped player being able to swap stickers that they have equipped
• Made crates more likely to spawn on the beach
• Increased chance of NPCs swapping stickers
• Fixed player still being affected by elemental status effects when calling the Air Kazoo bus
• Fixed interiors not restoring correctly sometimes if closing the game while inside one
• Prevented time transition music from playing repeatedly in the town
• Stopped enemies from awarding too much XP when falling into holes
• Fixed player XP for level 1 not resetting to correct value if new game is started on same playthrough
• Fixed 'Rolling takes damage' modifier not working when rolling through enemies
• Fix for henge not incrementing gadget count
• Laser Ring save slot was incorrect (will result in a free flaming laser for everyone who has the laser in their current save)
• Difficulty balancing for stories where Mormo was beaten and Icons were offered

v1.05.02-110 - 10th May 2018
• Fixed player occasionally losing cash and fragments when continuing a game
• Fixed beach crates randomisation not working when the day changed
• Fix for parsing error on old saves
• Fix for player being able to leave a room instantly in the overworld and getting stuck doing so
• Changes to items kept when victorious over Mormo

v1.05.01-110 - 9th May 2018
• Added Steam screenshot functionality
• Removed debug reporting that was slowing the game down on spikes and enemies
• Added options to set target framerate to 30, 60, 120, 144, 160 and 240
• Edited Spanish line that was too long for an NPC's text box and caused a freeze
• Prevented key quests from being assigned to the waterfall or henge levels
• Fixed issue with Toy Master achievement taking longer to unlock than it should
• Put in a fix for Kazoo sequence taking a long time, and the main menu not appearing on return to the main menu
• Fixed inventory items on death not carrying over if you choose to carry everything over
• Player now carries over their entire inventory when defeating Mormo
• Fixed shadow errors when cutting grass
• Reduced cost of Toys in the Toyshop slightly

v1.04.08-110 - 2nd May 2018
• Fix for the texture page crash in some boss rooms.

v1.04.07-110 - 2nd May 2018
• Fixed invisible collision issue on Mac and Linux
• Fixed the black screen at launch for lower-powered GPUs
• Reworked texture management to run more smoothly on lower powered GPUs
• The game will now automatically choose the higher powered GPU if present on a system (AMD and NVIDIA)
• Increased the time limit for Regular Mode to 5
• Fixed doors not opening in Mormo Palace dungeon after all enemies are killed
• Many fixes to level layouts and maps that were previously generating impossible rooms
• Fixed the game occasionally thinking a boss is dead before you've been in their room
• Sticker Packs will now randomise their contents more consistently when opened
• Workaround for screen glitches seen with on-screen names for lower powered GPUs

v1.04.03-108 - 25th April 2018
• Added menu option to erase save data
• Removed language select on start as it was problematic for some (change language in Options)


1.04 - PlayStation 4 version number
.08 - Number of updates on PC since last PS4 patch
-110 - Version number of level DAT files included with the release
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Tactrix May 2, 2018 @ 10:27am 
Keep at it, you'll get em, it just takes time.
Exequiel May 2, 2018 @ 10:46am 
Thanks for this! The game is awesome, I really loved it. BTW are there any plans on content updates in the future?
Shirow May 2, 2018 @ 10:50am 
so the lever and crank bug in the toy dungeon is also solved? The rooms with the spikes and the lever that lower them, without opening the door?
Exequiel May 2, 2018 @ 10:56am 
Originally posted by Shirow:
so the lever and crank bug in the toy dungeon is also solved? The rooms with the spikes and the lever that lower them, without opening the door?

"Many fixes to level layouts and maps that were previously generating impossible rooms"

TheRavenOfSin May 2, 2018 @ 10:56am 
did it fix the bug when i was pulled a floor down in the mormos castel by the one-eyed mob and was falling into black hole till it killed me.. GG
Amargara May 2, 2018 @ 11:31am 
I can finally play the game, Thanks
maud560 May 2, 2018 @ 12:08pm 
Just installed this update now having issues with the lever in dungeons not opening doors. Unplayable at the moment for me unfortunately. Any way to reset to the previous version?
Jonezy May 2, 2018 @ 12:19pm 
Originally posted by maud560:
Just installed this update now having issues with the lever in dungeons not opening doors. Unplayable at the moment for me unfortunately. Any way to reset to the previous version?

I am stuck too. The dungeons are real hard when you can't open the doors... :D
Last edited by Jonezy; May 2, 2018 @ 12:20pm
LupisLight May 2, 2018 @ 12:37pm 
I had the same issue. A lot of switches weren't doing what they were supposed to. I'm wondering if the patch messed up my game in progress. At least I was able to offer the pendant from my last victory against mormo and get a permanent time extension for the first time, so the run wasn't a total bust. AND I managed to defeat Mormo with no anchors destroyed, so that's another plus. Here's hoping the next run works better.
Gatitowo May 2, 2018 @ 1:14pm 
Switches not working here either, and killing enemies won't open doors either, so im stuck. Hope it get fixed.
onebitbeyond  [developer] May 2, 2018 @ 1:18pm 
Can someone show a screenshot of a room where the switch doesn't work?
onebitbeyond  [developer] May 2, 2018 @ 1:32pm 
Yep, I can see that there is a bug in the switch code. I will have to revert this version for the moment.
onebitbeyond  [developer] May 2, 2018 @ 3:29pm 
OK, I updated a fix for Windows (Mac & Linux will be tomorrow as they take hours to build).

EDIT: if you still have trouble, use the pre-release branch to revert to the previous safe version.
Last edited by onebitbeyond; May 2, 2018 @ 3:35pm
onebitbeyond  [developer] May 3, 2018 @ 2:24am 
v1.04.08-110 has been pushed to fix the texture group management crash that some were seeing,
Koala May 3, 2018 @ 6:16am 
Will this update soon be avaliable for GOG users as well?
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