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Unlock Varis in Duel World (VRAINS)!
Varis has arrived in Duel World (VRAINS)! You can unlock Varis now in the new Destiny At Hand: Varis event!

Varis is the leader of the Knights of Hanoi on a mission to annihilate the Ignis. Varis Duels with Dragon-Type monsters, and relies on his “Rokket” cards to facilitate Link Summons. He Link Summons his “Borrel” boss monsters and uses them to win Duels. You can add one of his ace monsters – the Link-4 Borreload Dragon – to your Deck by using his Blasting Borrel Skill.

You can unlock two of Varis’s cards that are new to Duel Links by playing in the latest event. Those two cards are Silverrokket Dragon and Borreload Furious Dragon.

Silverrokket Dragon is a new Level 4 DARK Dragon that has 1900 ATK. When a Link Monster’s effect is activated that targets it while it’s face-up on the field, you can activate its effect to destroy your Silverrokket Dragon, look at your opponent’s Extra Deck, and banish a card from that Extra Deck. During the End Phase, if your Silverrokket Dragon is in the Graveyard because it was destroyed on the field and sent to the Graveyard that turn, you can Special Summon a “Rokket” monster from your Deck other than Silverrokket Dragon.

Borreload Furious Dragon is a Level 8 Fusion Monster that you can Summon by fusing together 2 DARK Dragons. Since the Rokket monsters are all DARK Dragons, you can use any two of them, including Silverrokket Dragon, to Fusion Summon Borreload Furious Dragon. Borreload Furious Dragon has 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, plus a Quick Effect that lets you target a monster you control and a card your opponent controls and destroy them. In addition, if Borreload Furious Dragon is in your Graveyard, you can banish it from your Graveyard to target a DARK Link Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon that monster. The Special Summoned monster can’t activate its effects during the turn it’s Summoned.

You can unlock some of Varis’s other cards by leveling up his character. Those cards include Magnarokket Dragon, Rapid Trigger, and Quadborrel Dragon.

Magnarokket Dragon is a Level 4 DARK Dragon that can be used as a Fusion Material to Summon Borreload Furious Dragon. Like Silverrokket Dragon, it has an effect that lets you Special Summon a different “Rokket” monster from your Deck in the End Phase of a turn that it’s destroyed on the field.

Rapid Trigger is a Quick-Play Spell Card that lets you Fusion Summon monsters from your Extra Deck by destroying the Fusion Materials for that monster on your field. A monster Fusion Summoned by Rapid Trigger can only attack monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, but it’s also unaffected by activated effects from any other monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck. You can use Rapid Trigger to Fusion Summon Borreload Furious Dragon. If you use Silverrokket Dragon or Magnarokket Dragon as Fusion Materials with Rapid Trigger, you’ll be able to use their effects that activate after they’re destroyed on the field, and you’ll be able to Special Summon new “Rokket” monsters from your Deck in the End Phase with each of their effects.

Quadborrel Dragon is a Link-2 monster that you can Summon by using 2 Dragons as Link Materials, including a “Rokket” monster. Its effect lets you discard a card to destroy an opponent’s monster, and then allows you to Special Summon Rokket monsters from your hand or Graveyard if that destroyed monster was a Link Monster. Since Quadborrel Dragon is a DARK Dragon, you can even Special Summon it with the effect of a Borreload Furious Dragon in your Graveyard.

Varis uses lots of “Rokket” and “Borrel” monsters to win his Duels, but is also known for his use of Mirror Force – a devastating Trap Card that can destroy all of your opponent’s Attack Position monsters! By reaching Level 30 with Varis, you’ll be able to unlock his Mirror Force Launcher – a Continuous Trap Card that will give you repeated access to Mirror Force!

The Destiny At Hand: Varis! event ends on February 6th. Make sure you unlock Varis and add Silverrokket Dragon and Borreload Furious Dragon to your collection before it’s over!
Date Posted: Feb 3, 2023 @ 11:19am
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