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himrahill  [developer] Apr 13, 2018 @ 7:11am
Features Wishlist
Hey survivors,

It's Matt, the lead game designer of the game!

Dead In Vinland just released, and we're super excited to see you guys struggle for survival! However, we want to support the game post release and add new features! So, I want to ask you: what feature would you like us to add/improve in Dead In Vinland?

I want to gather all the popular features wishes from the community on one single place: here.

I'll update the post anytime I find new wishes. Don't hesitate to make yours in the replies of this thread.

I'll certainly make some ordering/priorities here as well, so you'll see what is feasible in a short time, and what is not.

Happy surviving!


We have listened!
Things from the wishlist which made it to the game.

  • Tweak "no more tributes" end
  • No crit resistance level up traits for sturdy characters
  • Bulk crafting of healing items
  • Dehydration revamp: v1
  • Balancing: dryer v1
  • Overview screen (skills) / click workstation and see who is good at it
  • Quicker animation speed options
  • Instant display of dialogs texts option
  • Send everyone to shelter button
  • Inventory sorting options
  • Giving food more easily during night
  • Post battle XP
  • Normalize RNG generator
  • Keyboard shortcut: add a character to a station with number key press
  • Share the drinks: shortcut to quick give rations to everyone
  • Tavern party mode w/o beers => relax mode
  • Safety check when bowling water, to prevent losing fire
  • Remove level up traits duplicates
  • Split combat\civilian lvl and perks.
  • Loki merchant's inventory revamp.
  • Animosity gauge visible
  • Food overview and/or overview for every basic needs
  • Check character sheet during the night.
  • Reduce level of high pitched sounds (hover over a warrior in battle + put someone on a slot + flutes song)
  • Balancing: more bones, or a way to get some (butcher sheep? hunting?)
  • 3rd mode for exploration: hunt for enemies
  • Skills level up progression on UI.
  • Breeding chances for each sheep age.
  • Injury potential for camp stations
  • Double confirmation on save delete
  • Songs fade out to just ambiant sounds sometimes

Currently working on
These things should be implemented in the next patch. Or not. But I'm 90% sure they will (so they won't)

  • DLC 2: new game mode.
  • Patch 1.3
  • Community Russian Translation

Community wishlist
3 priorities: high could mean either the tweak is simple or midly difficult but interesting. Average is average. Low either means that the tweak is too difficult or breaks some of our initial intent.

  • A way to continue playing even after beating Björn.
  • Dehydration increases chances depending on weather.
  • Drought evaporates water
  • Tweak water balancing again (old system for hard?)
  • More keyboards shortcuts (space to skip dialogs)
  • Interactions between secondary characters
  • Lower spoil rate for cooked food
  • Tributes triggered dynamically, depending on constructions, or random
  • Relax mode for tavern too OP (?)
  • Difficulty start checkboxes: why not at some point.
  • Choose negative traits at start
  • Dialogs when character states get very high / near death: i like it!
  • Hand over a character to lower animosity events: I had one of those in store, but didn't make it to the final game, so a big YES ^^

  • Exploration costs too low (?)
  • Linux version: we'll test if the current build works without too much hassle.
  • Balancing: mining attrition too high (?)
  • Sheep stop eating food if health > 80
  • Event if impossible duel against bjorn won
  • Some tweaking in the final animosity event (battle?)
  • Ancient knowledges in some bosses loot?
  • Warnings feedbacks when things have dried and traps events.
  • Fire Intensity bonuses/maluses

  • Another option to craft fishing baits: not really an issue atm.
  • Turn summary screen
  • Seeded RNG mode for level ups
  • Widescreen support (?): almost impossible.
  • Dehydration revamp (?): already done some tweaks. Hard to completely change the system just for realism's sake (and not interesting). The balancing may change at some point.
  • Balancing: depression at start (?): it's one of the challenge for the first days, but after it gets really manageable.
  • Autoresolve battles: don't like that, and hard to do. A "run away" option could be possible though.
  • Rewards for not losing a "red" HP in battle (?): it's already a reward to get 0 injury ;) no reward that would make sense, apart from special traits.
  • Summary screen for traits gained/lost after the night (?): we tried to avoid these big pop ups with walls of texts, in profit of direct feedbacks.
  • Level ups focused on character "class": I don't like the idea, makes them hyper specialized. Breaks replay value.
  • Music playlist: not easy to do. Muting the ingame music and playing your songs playlist already gets the job done.
  • Check character skills before recruit: not easy to do. Since you can kick out a character just after recruiting him/her, don't know if it's really that useful.
  • Allowing feeding the fire during nighttime: breaks some of the challenge/rules we set up.
  • Auto mute music/sound when alt-tabbing.

Good ideas, but for the next "Dead In..."
  • "Save" activities composition for quick set up
  • Some way to predict exactly if you'll finish a craft or not
  • A way to regrow natural resources faster (plant, prospect,...): breaks the core concept of the attrition system. But could be interesting.
  • "Feast phase" during the night instead of cooking pot: interesting, but very costly to do.
  • Job enjoyment/hate => depression: I like the idea, but it also specialize even more the characters. But I'll give it some thoughts.
  • Externalizing most of the data ranges to easily mod them: like it a lot, but may prove very hard. Will have to check with the coders.
  • Crafting queue: hard to do in the current state of the game, but useful.
  • A link between characters skills and combat stats: in fact we had this link at some point during dev, but we dropped it because it was a real mess to balance... making characters overpowered. If we do something, will have to find a clever way.
  • UI feedback for some bad disease/injuries traits on character sprite

DLC Wishlist

  • Additional activity during night, with huge fatigue malus
  • More craftable items with passive perks: easy to do.
  • Camp action: train skills (bookcase): I like that.
  • Character creation option at start: hard... but maybe.
  • Persistent/Bigger World: yes.
  • Grow to a full village: if too big, too much micro management?
  • Things that "regrow" in the map: hard, but cool.
  • Characters aging: impossible... but a DLC or short sequel where you play the characters "a few years later", maybe
  • Nearby settlements: trade, ransom, etc...: lot of work but not hard, so yes.
  • Construct a boat and explore/raid/fish other areas: may be the theme of a whole DLC/story
  • New characters: yes
  • More branching paths with the existing characters (family): yes
  • Other game modes, more replayable (endless? Random start? total random stats?): why not
  • Deities/faith centric additions (shrines to craft): why not
  • Characters who tutors other characters: maybe, I like it
  • Equipments system: hard and long to do, but very cool
  • Tastes for food (with trait system?): i like that a lot, but not easy.
  • Alternative penguin outfit for Knut: must have ;)
  • Camp station or alternate use of workshop/forge: repairs: i like it a lot!
  • Camp station: training center, gain combat perks.
  • Wine.
  • Bread.
  • Chicken, cows, ...
  • Rare legendary bossess in enemies stacks
  • Weather / clothing system to fight against cold
  • Upgrades to have more dialogs during night / a way to control that
  • Equipment that alters characters appearence
  • Blessing from the gods to have temporary skills buffs
  • Non combat approach to exploration encounters
  • Camp station: warehouse, lowers spoiling chances
  • A way to choose negative traits at start
  • Natural resources regrowth depending on weather
  • Give characters auto HP bonus with levels
  • Heidrun: A goat that eats grass on the roof of Valhalla, her milk gives mead. This could be a way for people to get mead. After getting Heidrun you can have a even better party at the tavern with mead instead of beer.
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Bionic Dues Apr 13, 2018 @ 7:48am 
*Side by side stat view where you can see all the tribe's stats side by side, like in bermuda
*Faster end of day animations (past 3x)
*When a character is actively fishing, let us click the box still and make bait, not have to move
them to make bait them move them back
*Sequel :D
*Option which line (melee/ranged) a party member enters fray (or perhaps this is intentional)
himrahill  [developer] Apr 13, 2018 @ 7:59am 
yep, the lines the fighters start are randomized, to add a little chaos in the standard "optimal" set ups ;)
in theory, it's "surprise attacks", they don't have time to prepare themselves very well.
Stud Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:10am 
I wish for a Linux release :3
Ulthar Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:24am 
Let me say - that this game is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for - so much more than a 'survival' game - it's a game of stories. so these are things that would make it even better.

#1- Persistent/Bigger World - I feel like once I explore Vinland /and/or things come to a head with my overlord the game is over.
I need to see a DLC that will allow us to continue our journey and grow into a full on Town/village.

i'd love to see the game have some radiant quests that allow for re-exploration of the existing land - see if anything regrew. It seems strange the furry beasts I scared away on day one - haven't returned to the stump now after months.

I guess a Crusader Kings style game where I could see progression so that my daughter grows to womanhood etc.

Perhaps even a system where by I have nearby settlements that I can trade or become overlord of myself.

I get that you have morning, afternoon and evening and that's awesome.
You can leave the cooking station where it is during the day for preparations.
However, during the feast phase it woudl feel a little more realistic if the player can pick one Cook (and maybe one helper to serve) to have one more chance to cook the days game.

It makes no sense that fish or meat I caught in the afternoon can't be cooked right before dinner. We'd take the time to cook it rather than eat it raw.

I get that for some reason a dehydrated person won't drink water during the water - for game purposes. (not really) but at least let me cook the afternoon's meat before we eat it.

#3- Dragon Boat DLC
Let the player construct a Dragon Boat, crew it with up to 4 villagers and send it out exploring, raiding, or fishing.

Gesia Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:45am 
Small addon, but one thing I would have liked was the ability to click on a workstation and see whos (how) good at it - i always need to go into the character sheets and scroll through them, looking for whos the best.
Terejima Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:50am 
It would be nice if we can sort the inventory.
I have a lot of items and my inventory is a mess.
AzOp Apr 13, 2018 @ 9:52am 
- Widescreen support plz :) . Meme si j'ai bien compris (LeNain) cela semble pas vraiment possible facilement. Sinon super jeu qui semble plus profond que Dead in Bermuda.

- DLC ? :o
AppleCrayon Apr 13, 2018 @ 11:03am 
+1 for faster text. Kind of annoying having to click constantly to advance text at a decent pace.
swith Apr 13, 2018 @ 1:01pm 
The option to skip conversations you've already seen would be great.
bulbatrs Apr 13, 2018 @ 3:36pm 
The option to skip chit-chat completly would be very convinient. very boring to click through once you read it all already.
ui at sending people to tasks is not well done. sometimes clickboxes are too small so if you already have someone working it can take serveral attempts to change the person for unknown reason.
aegis3d Apr 13, 2018 @ 4:14pm 
A food overview for the daytime would be nice. Having to look through an unsorted inventory of everything to see if I have enough food gathered for the night is quite inconvenient.
As much as I love all the story, it'd be interesting (at some point) to either select 4 survivors, or have random starting survivors, and go through the game without the story, for extra replayability. (Or unlocking this mode, or survivors or...something.)

On my 5th playthrough, and I'm just skipping tons and tons of dialogue that I've already seen. Really slows things down to be skipping through things for 10-30 seconds every night.
ℜ | Flankstrike Apr 13, 2018 @ 7:15pm 
Fresh game, Matt!

Originally posted by Gesia:
Small addon, but one thing I would have liked was the ability to click on a workstation and see whos (how) good at it - i always need to go into the character sheets and scroll through them, looking for whos the best.

Adding my voice to Gesia on this one

I'd like to be able to pick up a stack of meat and feed everyone by clicking down the line instead of returning to the bar every time.
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Linea Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:12pm 
Please let us craft fishing baits (5 baits cost = 1 spoiled food, 1 iron and crafting time)
Currently you have to generate extra good food just to let it spoil (which doesnt happen if you play normaly as nothing would go to waste) and than instant turn it into a ridiculous small amount of baits.

Maybe also let us craft bulk amounts of healing items, they seem so far inferior to using the infirmary, tavern or sleeping area. three crafting turns for one item, why would anyone do this?

Also it would be nice to have an indicator how much the relations of "co-workers" has increased like in DiB.

Maybe there should be a way to increase the natural resources further, currently the game plays much easier with less people in the camp and you can only hire them much later than they are found when you got alot of stuff built and still the land around your camp will be devastated. especially wood will run dry as you need it daily per head if you hire people before you got everything build.
Something like "efficient harvest mode", where you get less items but also reduce the natural resources alot less. Or a work task to regrow resources like "plant" or "prospect". So it adds to your workload but you have a way to counter shortages and dont end on lost paths on random found people, better than let them sit in the woods for 50 days.

There is a warning when you want to andvance the time but a station does not work. But there is no warning when you end the day and something essential is missing. I think, especially when you use the viking mode where you cant load a game, it would be a lot more comfortable if you get warnings when there is an oversight. There are like 20 things you have to take care of over hundreds of turns. The problem is not doing something wrong but forgetting to do something once and end on a lost path. So a warning for the basics would be very welcome as you wouldnt need to check and check and check all the stuff just in case. Like low water, low fire, low wood (that warning needs to be earlier so you can still collect some), uncooked food, low food, harvest, garden water, ...
Or an advanced overview tab on all essentials that you shouldnt forget even once.

On a long/dlc perspective i would like to see more characters and story paths, but also more alternate story paths for the family members among each other.
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Faera Apr 14, 2018 @ 12:27am 
Hey there. I will write a review somewhere else so not gonna praise at this point :P
Also I did not read through all of the other suggestions so bare with me if it has already been said.

I would like to send a person "idle" easier instead of switching tabs in and drag them to the shelter. So I can be like "ok dunno what to do with you yet so go idle for now" and then assign ppl to what I intend for them and then see who is still doing nothing and see what they can do. Atm when I don't know what to do with a person they stay where they are and when I go to the overview to see what they are doing I always have to double check if I WANT them to do this or I just forgot to move them. Probably I am just too stupid to keep stuff in mind but I would like such a "send to shelter" button.
- edit: found the "send to shelter" button. Nevermind me

Also it is a bit inconvenient to drag and drop 30 fruits to different ppl and something like pressing CTRL + LMB on the fruit and then just clicking on everyone who is supposed to get a fruit (or whatever food) might be cool.

I am sure as I play more stuff will come to ming so (if steam has this option) I will edit this post with whatever suggestion I have o/
Last edited by Faera; Apr 14, 2018 @ 1:19am
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