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Netheos  [developer] Sep 7, 2020 @ 9:19am
Known Issues
Necromunda: Underhive Wars - Known Issues September 14th 2020


  • In the first chapter of the campaign, there is a table on which the player can vault. Doing so stucks the character on the table and blocks the mission.

  • In the first story mission, unavailable skills are displayed as "blocked by debuff" when they are actually blocked for tutorial reasons.

  • In chapter 5, if the Champion is affected by a buff increasing the cost of your attack, the cost of the attack isn't updated correctly in your offensive panel. Leading you to think that you can attack him when you actually can't.

  • In Story chapter 7 and 8, Flynt and the deadeyes cannot re-equip weapons if they unequip them in the inventory.

  • In the third story mission, if you drop the toolbox with the lay mechanic, you won’t be able to calibrate the Generator with this fighter.

  • Chapter 15 reinforcements will keep spawning if you reload your game after blocking all the doors.

  • In the fourteenth story mission, fighters can be stuck if you finish a turn on a deployment zone.

  • No infamy points unlocked for ending the story mode.


  • In a multiplayer game, if the host throws a Cry-fog capsule behind his fighter, the game will not allow to take any additional action whatsoever and will be blocked.

  • Potential synchronization issues in online 2v2 matches.

  • During a multiplayer game, throwing a Frag Grenade on 2 or more fighters can make the game crash.


  • Some keyboard buttons cannot be used as shortcuts when rebinding buttons, the said buttons are ² &(1) é(2) è(7) ç(9) à(0) ^ $ ù * : !

  • The AI of the game can use the Charge or Ambush skill even if there is another fighter in the way. By doing so, the AI will get stuck and will not be able to end their turn.

  • Starting a turn with a stun fighter can crash the game.

  • Potential crash when moving while targetting.

  • Impossible to drop items inside a Heavy's Aura.

  • Melee and Ranged specialist display a wrong 0% bonus, instead of 10%. The bonus actually works.

  • On the Water Still Map, while the objective is Secure Area, the extract zone does not let you extract. This occurs in every game mode (Vs AI, Exhibition, Contest and Matchmaking).

  • The description of Joltseed states that consuming it will give the player 10AP while it actually gives 10 MP.

  • Missing percentage in the consumable descriptions.

  • When a fighter is put out of action by lethal damage, using a revive and heal on the fighter doesn't remove the "Heavily Wounded" Debuff.

  • Sometimes in customisation some textures for scars and tattoos will not load properly and appear blurry.

  • On Switchyard Alley, there is a ledge with bugged collisions and characters passing through this place can fall through the ground.

  • Initiative is not correctly refreshed when buffed or debuffed in mission on the characters interface.

  • Fighters out of actions can be loaded in T-Pose after the reloading of a Mission.
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