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Vermintide 2 - F.A.Q
We'll try to keep a consistent list of common answers to common questions here!

Q: Where can I found out more about Vermintide 2?
A: www.vermintide.com/news/ contains all the latest reveals and dev blogs and is a great place to start - you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we reveal concept art and new screenshots regularly! If you haven't seen it the game play trailer can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AovSuioMM2w

Q: What's in the Collector's Edition?
A: Details on this are available at the Store Page here.

Scroll down to "Collector's Edition" and hit "Read More".

In short:
- The Game!
- Soundtrack
- Wallpapers
- Digital Map
- Exclusive Portrait Frame
- 'Helmgart Heraldry' themed Hero Skins
- Keep Decorations
- 1 Exclusive Heroic Deed

Q: What's new to kill in Vermintide 2?
A: The list is exhaustive. Not only has the Skaven army expanded and features all new devastating types - they're joined by the forces of Chaos and with them some horrific, heavy duty hitters. All of them horrible. We think you'll love it! There's heaps, so check out the website for the latest: www.vermintide.com/news

Q: What's new to kill with in Vermintide 2?
A: The five heroes have a choice now of three individual careers which alter how they play dramatically. There are more types of weaponsfor the heroes to experiment with from polearms to flails, and with the addition of talents and activated abilities there will be a whole lot more choice.

Q: Tell me about loot!
A: Loot now drops in crates at the end of successful runs and on levelling up, which can be stored and opened on any character you wish. When opened, the crate will provide loot for the hero who opened it, allowing you more tailored equipment progression options.

Q: Tell me more about your lootboxes?
A: Loot comes from gameplay, not your wallet. We want you to have a sense of pride in the items you obtain through bashing in skulls and cracking bones. We want to reward you for your accomplishments, not for your pennies and dimes. There will be opportunities to make additional purchases as we continue post-release development - in the shape of map packs and skins and perhaps other similar kinds of thing. Think of this somewhat vague stance that what we're focusing on is making a great game - a game you'll want to play.

Q: What are 'Heroic Deeds'?
A: Heroic Deeds are lootable and consumable ways of modifying the status-quo in the levels in Vermintide 2! Ramping up certain types of enemies, or ensuring specific combos. Reducing pickups or removing them altogether, or limiting the hero load-out options are to say but some of the possibilities. We will talk more about these nearer release!

Q: Do I need to know anything about Warhammer or Vermintide to play Vermintide 2?
A: No. Whilst Warhammer fans may catch subtle references and recognize characters, or Vermintide fans will know more about the story so far as well as having formed a bond with the heroes, no understanding of the world is required to play and enjoy Vermintide 2. =)
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