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A small but big flaw with the Mutation category
The fact that in order to search for a specific mutation game, you need have that specific mutation selected, and it displays no other games.

Mutations are plentiful, which not only means that generally players will be scattered around on various mutations, but that searching for available games on any mutations can be a PITA, as well as the chance that someone joins your created game.

Proposition: To be able to "Search Online" all available mutation games. Each server lists what mutation it is right next to it anyway, so why not have it this way? Sometimes I like to play a mutation, any mutation, for a change, but going into each mutation and checking for players can be quite a chore

Thanks for reading
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I made my own thread about this exact issue a while back. And some people that felt the same way made a group about it. Sadly no matter the amount of people that realize the mutations menu is worthless, Valve doesn't care about it....

The only way to experience mutations is to have enough friends to play them with. Finding enough people to play AND finish an 8 slot mutation with is quite a chore.
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mutation a week was best thing.
then if you liked it, it always had tons of players on it.
Yeah, it's a pretty regular complaint.

Probably not one that Valve will ever address, but a common one.
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