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Skulls Jun 29, 2022 @ 3:52pm
What sets this game apart from 7 Days to Die or Night of the Dead?
It seems generally similar to the above games. Anything I might be missing that is unique to this game?
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TheDiaz Jun 30, 2022 @ 4:24pm 
You don't build your bases, you claim buildings on the map.
Malcom Renyolds Jul 14, 2022 @ 1:45am 
7dtd actually gets new stuff n updates glad i won this game key on stream years ago lol maybe one day ill play this if im not burned out from all the rest 7dtd is 10x better go play it it my opinion let this sit alot longer :7days:
ToothlessRaider Jul 14, 2022 @ 6:20pm 
Night of the Dead is more of a Tower Defense Wave Defense simulator with zombies.

7 Days 2 Die is a Minecraft Clone with zombies that they redo the same updates for over a decade, remove stuff we like, and add stuff everybody hates, like the new super stupid and moronic server browser that 100% of the community hates, but we are stuck with.

Survive the Nights cant really be compared to 7d2d at all. They are nothing alike aside from zombies.

If anything, Project Zomboid is more in tune to this. Think a First Person Project Zomboid of sorts. This would be more Urban Dayzish, less pvp, more survival, but there is still pvp options.

The game has a ways to go, but has some of the best foundation ideas for survival games.

7D2D is a sandbox type survival game. Where as this focuses a tad more on realism compared to 7d2d

:7days: is :shit: to me atm, because I dont like the server browser update. But personally, both are decent games
Left2live Dec 25, 2022 @ 5:02am 
This game is fairlt relaxed to be a survival game, you can ddge the hordes if you want, tweak server settings easy to determine loot, animal and zombie respawns as well as fuel consumption. The base settings are a bit too easy since loot respawn every 15 minute but can be increased as well as making more or stronger zombies
Kakashi Dec 26, 2022 @ 4:24am 
7D2D has the ability to have procedurally generated maps. This game has a static map with not that much to do. 7D2D has a deeper crafting system, this game is still fairly basic. 7D2D has much better combat and more variety when using weapons (e.g. light attack, heavy attack, throw weapon etc.). Both games have hordes, though 7D2D's model works better. 7D2D has a lot more server configuration that you can use to create a unique experience. I'm not even the biggest fan of 7D2D due to the 'minecraft' like gameplay, but it's still by far a more complete package and interesting experience than this.

Over time, STN's vision has been changed to be closer to what 7D2D is, yet doesn't surpass it in any way. This game has a long way to go, and at the very least give us as much server configuration and mod support as possible so we can make it more unique ourselves.
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